Meet Stinky!
Meet Stinky!

Hi! Stinky is my name and politics is my game! Please understand that when we mention politics, most people immediately think of places like Washington DC, or some state capitol, or maybe a county seat where it can get pretty strong with odors that my relatives and I can truly appreciate!

However, you need to understand that politics is much more than that which is often associated with groups such as Republicans, Democrats, Green Party and others. Where it can really get to be rank is in denominational church groups and hierarchies are involved -- well, you know -- in some groups church officials have titles such as bishop, district superintendent, or district something or other, or conference (insert title here) and the records sometimes show that the game of "politics" has been played, with an odor coming forth that make people think that I and others of my kind have been involved. Actually, when that happens sometimes that odor is so strong that my relatives and I almost gag!

So, not so long ago, CR asked me to help out here on Circuit Rider's Range and put an appearance in at certain areas. Usually you will see me in some of what are called "political" areas, but keep in mind that it could be the Washington DC kind or the church kind! CR says that sometimes there doesn't seem to be much difference -- only if you spell it with a party name or a denominational name!

I will look forward to seeing you from time to time. Carry a clothes pin with you, not because you will be in an area where I may be, but because of the kind of people you will be exposed to in that area. I may need to borrow your clothes pin myself!

And as Detective Columbo would say, "Oh, yes -- there's just one more thing!" If you need to contact CR for whatever reason -- if you're mad, or if you're glad -- or just want to send a note to make his day, just click on Penelope whom you will see below the return links that are posted, and she will bring up the pre-addressed form for you to fill out and send on its way. She is in charge of the mail department here at Circuit Rider's Range and does an excellent job. CR says he is paying her more than some of those politicians (party and church variety) because she accomplishes more in an hour than they do in a week! Well, thanks for stopping by -- enjoy your stay here at Circuit Rider's Range.

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