The Convenience god

The Convenience god!

There is a very violent one named "Convenience" -- this god demands bloody sacrifices on a daily basis!! There are "altars" all over the place -- at abortion clinics and in some hospitals -- well, you know -- tables with stirrups on them! And as mentioned elsewhere on CR's Range, this is the ancient Canaanite god of Molech resurrected with a new ID and worshipped a bit differently, tearing the unborn to pieces in the womb, and all that real pleasant stuff you like to think about as you look at a small infant who managed to avoid that kind of fate! See the running tally of victims by looking at our number cruncher just below and the blood continues to flow -- don't be surprised if God suddenly steps in and says, "This has gone far enough...!" And what do suppose is going to happen? You might review the last stages of the history of the ancient kingdom of Judah in 2 Chronicles to see how God deals with a people who persist in "shedding innocent blood" -- ah, this phrase has a way of popping up repeatedly in the Old Testament! To explore this subject further go to United States Holocaust Gallery. Use the reverse feature on your web browser to return here after your tour at that location.

One of millions of "sacrificial victims" offered to the Convenience god!

By the way, how about taking about 60 seconds or more and just gaze at the little record keeper below and see what is happening -- you see, it keeps a running tally of unborn babies who are violently murdered in the womb in this nation which claims that all persons should have the "right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!" Planned Parenthood and others who operate abortion mills in the lucrative business of destroying unborn children, while claiming to "counsel" pregnant females, seem to always manage to end up with more of those females choosing to abort their unborn children than opting to go full term and offer the child up for adoption. Of course it is more profitable for the abortion mill if the female with child decides in light of "counseling" she has received that it is more convenient to dispatch the unborn child, is it not? Not many abortion outfits are declaring bankruptcy or downsizing these days are there?

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

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