The HillBilly goddess/god

The HillBilly goddess/god!

March 2005 -- those who have the gift of yak on television news networks are speculating like crazy about the situation in both Democratic and Republican parties -- and then the BIGGIE question -- who will be running for president in 2008? And guess what name keeps popping up again and again and again and.....why haven't you heard? That name is Hillary Rodham Clinton -- as Gomer Pyle was fond of saying, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" OK, Gomer, why is it that some of us are not at all surprised on this one?

And then there's good old Bill -- seems he has some aspirations concerning the United Nations among other items on his agenda of goals for which to strive!

January 2003 -- guess what? It has been announced that Mrs. Clinton will be sitting as a member of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee! Somehow I am not a bit surprised at this. One headline put it this way: "Power To The Senator; Hillary Ascends" -- and might we conclude that this is only the beginning!

For 8 long years this hybrid deity with a dual nature ruled with impunity in Washington DC, bringing disgrace and shame of such magnitude to the office of the presidency of the United States which no other person occupying that position in the past history of the republic has ever come close to duplicating! One discerning observer summarized it very well some time ago by saying,

"The only difference between the Clintons and the Titanic is that the Titanic ran out of depths to which it could sink!"

That this deity managed to gather unto itself devotees of all ages over the years is hardly a secret. It managed to strategically place its priests and priestesses in the political arena, the educational establishment, the professional realm (especially trial lawyers), the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media! These did effective missionary work in obtaining large numbers of "converts" from the ranks of those who had lost their moral compass and were drifting on the sea of human opinion with wave after wave crashing upon them drenching them with a conscience deadening message which says,

"There are no absolute standards and no moral authority to which we are to give heed -- we make up our own rules, and lie, cheat, steal, stab in the back, or whatever is necessary to gain the power, prestige, and wealth that we must have!"

Be aware that this deity will continue to have a high degree of influence in American culture. That it insists on having continued homage was clearly seen on January 20, 2001 when George W. Bush was sworn in as President of the United States. In past years, there was a brief glimpse of the departing former president at the airport waving to a small group of people, and a final view of the aircraft ascending into the air after take off, and THAT WAS IT! All attention focused on the motorcade, the parade, and activities taking place to honor the new president.

But this inauguration was different -- much time and attention was given to the HillBilly goddess/god, which obviously took away from activities involving the new president! A podium was set up at Andrews Air Force base by which this deity had to speak forth. The deity also insisted on using Air Force One for a ride back to JFK in New York because that was the only airport able to handle the Boeing 747! The identity of the aircraft was changed because, fortunately, on that trip it was not transporting a president of the U.S.A! But the male side of this deity could have selected a smaller aircraft which would have taken him and his female counterpart to a city closer to where residence had been established for the purpose of running for the office of senator from NY!

And so there were times we were treated to a split screen in which one box showed the activities related to our new president and his wife, while the other box showed the actions of the deity which originally was inflicted upon us from the state of Arkansas!

But that was not the end -- the worst was yet to be -- when the deity arrived at JFK in New York -- a rally had been organized and another podium set up, with the female side of this deity spewing forth! One thing that this whole debacle made clear -- this deity has the whole hearted allegiance of quite a number in the mainstream media!

Ooops! Check that statement about the worst was yet to be! We saw a bit of it as the whole screen was devoted to what the female side had to say, while the male stood meekly at her side -- well, what she really said, I don't really know because I've got an instant reflex when it comes to the mute button on the remote! But really, the worst is still out in front of us so far as the HillBilly goddess/god is concerned -- there is a lust and a craving for power that defies our imagination and we have by no means seen the last of this deity! Its devotees in the mainstream media will be following every move and statement made, and don't be surprised if you hear frequent mention of presidential possibilities coming from the female side as we approach 2004! In the meantime there is the Bush presidency to sabotage in every way possible!

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