The Pro Sports god

The Pro Sports god!

Now wouldn't you know that this false god thing works a bit like family -- there are relatives -- the god of Pleasure has a brother that competes vigorously -- its name is Pro Sports -- this one can succeed in getting people by the tens of thousands to yell their lungs out in a stadium in sub freezing temperatures, but they can't seem to make it to a place of worship on a snowy Sunday morning to open their mouth and give praise and thanks to Almighty God Who gives us life!! Bear in mind that this god has produced an offspring that is beginning to offer some competition -- the name? College Sports -- spreading like a deadly malignancy is the desire to field championship sports teams at the college and university level, and the willingness to pay whatever price is necessary in order to do so, with this taking command rather than making academics the number 1 priority -- doesn't matter if the student can think very much -- rather, is he or she able to perform on a sports team and thus produce nation wide publicity and bring lots of fame to the school! This is not to say that every single college or university has this problem -- there are some exceptions -- but the numbers seem to be dwindling!

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