Clergy and Protesting Barbaric Destruction of the Unborn!
Clergy and Protesting Barbaric Destruction of the Unborn!

Letter was sent to two daily newspapers and one weekly in south central Pennsylvania region. One below was sent to J-town Tribune-Democrat.

January 31, 2001

The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

Among the January 30th letters on the abortion issue was the question of too few clergy taking leadership responsibility in protesting the barbaric practice of destroying unborn children. There are a number of reasons why this unfortunate situation exists.

First, a number of clergy are part of denominations that officially go on record as supporting what is termed the “legal option of abortion.” It is easier to simply go along with the official stance, keep silent, and be a part of the “good old boys and girls club!”

Second, there is a fear of being labeled as an “extremist” and being too negative if one gets involved in the cause of protecting the unborn. A heresy that has crept in among clergy ranks in recent decades is that you always have to be “positive” in all you do and say, no matter what. The Old Testament prophets would have flunked out on that one!

Third, it is felt that the issue is not really that serious and there are too many other issues that warrant greater attention. The result is that clergy tend to hide behind a smokescreen called “priorities.”

Fourth, there is a failure (or possibly a refusal) to consider the significance of God’s clear revelation that He identifies each human being prior to conception and birth and that He has a specific purpose for that person on earth.

Fifth, there is a failure to grasp the gravity of this national sin of the “shedding of innocent blood” and how it ultimately will invoke the wrath of a holy God if full repentance does not take place soon! No culture in the past has ever avoided this fate when human life was devalued and willfully destroyed. Certainly ours will prove to be no exception!

Fortunately there are those clergy who are deeply involved in efforts to protect all unborn children. Let us hope and pray that their numbers will greatly increase while there is yet time for such involvement to take place.

Clayton D. Harriger
United Methodist pastor
Belsano PA
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