Human Life Is Sacred

Human Life Is Sacred

For You have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother's womb...Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.
-- Psalm 139:13,16 (NKJV)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.

-- Jeremiah 1:5 (NKJV)

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Ponder This

Abortion stops a beating heart on an average of from 3,700 to 4,000 times a day in this country -- and that's a human heart, folks -- not just a hunk of tissue from a "fetus" nor animal nor vegetable or whatever impersonal term the pro-abortion or "pro-choice" people want to apply!!!

For more on this go to Fighting for Your Life!
A variety of subjects related to the issue of protecting the lives of the unborn!

Bear in mind the abortion "industry" is a very lucrative one -- those heartless enough to put dollars above God's plan and purpose for each conceived human being are determined to protect their turf no matter what it may cost! The one major thing they are unprepared for is the moment when the Creator of this world says, "It is time to end the slaughter!"

Are you stout hearted enough to look at what causes the trail of blood?
Just click on the dripping blood - this is not for the faint hearted!

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Now, ready for next step? How about something more graphic?
WARNING: Not for children to view!
Ah, that means the ones that did not become victims of what you'll see here!

The United States Holocaust Gallery!

AND by all means be sure to look into

Fighting for Your Life!

Chalk up another one for our corkscrew media people!

On 99/12/04 the Associated Press released a news item from Lahore, Pakistan in which a chemical engineer sent a notice to the police claiming he had killed 100 children. He also claimed to have destroyed a number of the bodies with chemicals. He had photos of children and articles of their clothing. A grief stricken mother recognized a photo of her missing son and some of his clothing! This incident has made news headlines along with other unfolding events throughout the world. And, casually in passing, the same article noted that back in October a 42-year-old drifter in Colombia had claimed to have killed 140 children in a five-year rampage!

A bothersome QUESTION -- When will our diligent media begin reporting details of the number of unborn children killed by doctors (termed used VERY loosely) in our culture by means of chemicals, stainless steel "tools," custom designed "vacuum cleaners," etc? Depending on whether you want to go by a conservative figure or a more "liberal" figure, the number could range from over 39 million to 41 million (at the time in which this was written) or more since the infamous Roe v. Wade "Supreme Court" (again, term used VERY loosely) decision of 1973!

"Give to them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavors; give to them according to the work of their hands; render to them what they deserve."

-- Psalm 28:4 (NKJV)

Suggested Prayer for a Pro-Abortionist!

Every pro-abortionist (or pro-choice, if they insist on wearing their Halloween mask while trying to charm our culture into believing you can destroy unborn children and not pay a price) should get down on their knees at least once a day and pray, "Lord, thank you for giving me a mother that didn't practice and condone what I preach!"

God made a statement to a fellow named Jeremiah in Jer. 1:5 which has far reaching implications -- look it up and think about what those implications may be. For instance, God said He knew Jeremiah even before He formed that prophet in the womb -- ah, does that mean God regarded Jeremiah as a "person" even before he physically existed? And the word "formed" is the same Hebrew word (yatsar) used in Genesis 2:7 when God "formed" something of the dust of the ground -- remember what it was? You wouldn't be here today if God hadn't done some "forming" -- think about it! As you move about the Range you will see reference from time to time about this critical subject that relates to the tragedy of the American Holocaust! At least 35 million or more victims so far -- and we thought Adolph Hitler was a monster -- this doesn't even put us in the category of the pot calling the kettle black -- we are far beyond that!"

And then there is that interesting statement made in Hebrews 7:9,10 about Levi who was born centuries after Abraham lived and is referred to as one who was "in the loins of his father!" Is he regarded as being a person or what? Did God also know Levi as He says He knew Jeremiah before Jeremiah was formed in the womb? And since God shows no partiality, does that mean that He also knew you and me before we were formed in the womb, or that one God was forming in the womb of that teenager in Pittsburgh before the gum chewing "doctor" tore him or her to pieces with his custom designed "vacuum cleaner?" For the full details on this little horror tale, go to Circuit Rider's Shooting Range -- you can return here after reading how one whom God knew before formation in the womb was callously destroyed and generous payment made to the one who did the destruction, thus once again disrupting God's high, holy and wonderful purpose for a human being!

Now take a good look -- just who was it that was considered to be in the loins of his father centuries before actual physical birth????

Even Levi, who receives tithes, paid tithes through Abraham, so to speak, for he was still in the loins of his father when Melchizedek met him. (Hebrews 7:9,10 NKJV)

Cartoon with a punch: Guy is praying desperately, "O God, send us somebody who will find a cure for all these horrible diseases we have on earth such as cancer, aids ...." A voice thunders back from the heavens above -- "I did, but you aborted them!" Oh, oh -- could it have happened already? Were those persons who might have found the cure among the 39 or more million victims of America's Holocaust?

Special Announcement!

Harry Blackmun, UM layman and Supreme Court justice, was eulogized to high heaven and then some upon his exit from this world -- an appropriate epitaph by one artist pictured a tombstone with Harry's name on it -- then the word "Born" with date of birth and the words, "Because his mother was pro life" and then below that the word "Died" and below that "38 million, because he wasn't!" One thing for sure, Harry sees human life, born and unborn, from God's perspective now! What makes this interesting is the fact that Harry authored the notorious Roe v. Wade decision back in 1973 which "legalized" abortion on demand in this country!

[March '00] In Minnesota, a spending bill funding the commission of a bronze bust of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, author of the Roe v. Wade decision, for display in the Capitol of Blackmun's home state, was resoundingly defeated. Blackmun, who said of his years on the bench that he wanted to be remembered for his treatment of the "little people," legalized the killing of about 35 million of them.

[Source: The Federalist 24 March 2000]

Ah, but he being dead still speaks through abortion mills all over this country!


"Hmmmm -- I am most perplexed by your wanton destruction of your unborn children! You see, on our planet we understand that we are like co-creators with God -- partners, if you will, in His glorious creation. When we conceive one of our own, we clearly understand that conceived one to have a unique purpose that another cannot fulfil in our Creator's plan. Not a single one of us would ever consider interrupting God's plan in this -- why it would be as much a disaster as when your Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit! But then you earthlings are flawed in your intelligence, view of life, and perception of the purposes of Almighty God -- it is understandable in light of this that you would continue to greatly hinder His purposes by massive destruction of your conceived unborn. On top of this is the tragedy of your failure to realize that God will ultimately make a response to this practice, and I can assure you my earthling friend that it will be far from pleasant! Well, I must go now to explore some other areas of the Range. Perhaps I will have the pleasure of seeing you later."

Pro Life Groups Fighting the American Holocaust!

Be ever reminded, folks, that our media culture gives very little attention and space to the fact that many people and groups are working to reverse this prominent low view of human life that the majority in our society has adopted -- a view that gives sanction to the disposal of unborn children just as casually as shipping off unwanted garbage to the nearest landfill! Check out the following connections to see what a number of persons and groups dedicated to protection of the unborn are doing.

An interesting statistic sample: one argument advanced for legalizing abortion was that it would reduce the incidents of child abuse -- you know, an unwanted child would be aborted, therefore not born, therefore not abused -- well, guess what? Try this information on for size:

In 1973, when abortion became legal in the United States, there were 167,000 cases of child abuse and neglect reported. Yet in 1980 there were 785,100 cases - an increase of 370% from 1973. Furthermore, in 1987, there were 2,025,200 cases reported, which represents an increase of 1112%. (Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Center of Child Abuse and Neglect; National Analysis of Official Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting).

National Right to Life

PA Pro-Life Federation
This is quite an active group within the Circuit Rider's homestate, Pennsylvania, and working hard to curtail destruction of the unborn.

Pro-Life Resource List

After Abortion
It's impossible to fathom the destructive impact of abortion -- for those who will dare to look, check this site out -- get a grip on yourself and read some "testimonies"!!

STOPP - Stop Planned Parenthood International
Hey, some real "horror" stories about this outfit, Planned Parenthood, and its negative impact particularly upon our younger generation!

International Anti-Euthanasia Home Page
Like it or not, more and more people are adopting the stance that there are occasions that it should be OK to "assist" people in making their exit from this earthly life -- moving down that trail as human life becomes more devalued, it's simply a matter of time until political powers arrange for laws to be set in place determining who the "candidates" will be, the conditions, and at what time they leave this earth -- Nazi Germany revisited!!!

Keep informed as to latest news on pro-life issues! You can subscribe to Pro-Life Infonet for free and receive information regularly -- just click on our dove mail carrier and submit your request:

My friend, you are in an area that is very dear to the Circuit Rider's heart -- oh yes, he has a heart -- he told me so -- he said that a few people have said that the way he is, he couldn't have a heart! He claims he has proof -- says he saw his heart on TV when they did a heart catherization on him back in 1977 at the time he was battling a "hypocritical clique" over the way church funds were being handled -- claims he was in Lee Hospital in J-town and saw this little wiggly black thing moving around inside his heart and it squirted out some dye to see if he had blockage in some arteries -- oops, sorry about that -- I sort of got off the track for a moment -- getting back to the issue at hand on this location on his range -- the Circuit Rider is pretty hard nosed when it comes to abortion -- has stated many times that he would make a better Roman Catholic than a United Methodist on the abortion issue due to the "official" position of the UMC which gives sanction to abortion on demand -- the words "approve abortion" do appear on page 90 of the 1996 Discipline of the UMC in spite of a feeble attempt to couch them and surround them in pious sounding terminology -- mind you, I'm just telling you what he says sometimes -- that the UMC is "gutless", "spineless", "wishy washy" and totally "unholy" in its abortion position! By the way, you can read the first portion of the "official" statement on the south side of A House Divi\/ded! -- that's the portion that simply translated says, "Any woman who wants an abortion can get one -- all she has to do is say, 'This pregnancy is unacceptable to me!'"

I think it has to do a little bit with his ancestry which is German on his dad's side -- he's done a lot of research on the Holocaust and Nazi Germany in the 30's and early 40's as well as how a number of German theologians (?) really messed up the church beginning in the latter part of the 19th century -- he says the same perverted kind of thinking and logic that attempted to justify the extermination of undesirables in Nazi Germany is used today in the extermination of thousands of unborn children every week in this country -- you very rarely see the Circuit Rider shed tears, but I've seen him shed tears as he made his way through the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC on 2 different occasions -- and he'll be quick to tell you that his "hero" in the Holocaust is a man without a name -- on a wall in the Museum is a big picture of a thin, frail little man wearing a clerical collar -- he is a pastor, maybe from a little church out in the middle of nowhere and he's about to be shot out in a desolate field by some Nazi soldiers with weapons ready to fire -- one of few with enough guts to speak out and say that what was being done by A. Hitler and associates was wrong -- very, very wrong!! His reward for taking a stand against such obvious wrong? Execution carried out as casually as shooting an unwanted dog!

I know that the Circuit Rider in quiet moments sometimes thinks about those millions of unborn victims of the United States' version of Holocaust -- the oldest would be in their early and mid 20's now had they been permitted to live -- he wonders what contribution some of these would have made in a denomination that has given its stamp of approval to their destruction -- and again his eyes begin to moisten and he talks to his Lord about this "shedding of innocent blood" that continues unabated.

Before you leave, maybe you would like to take a brief tour of the Holocaust Museum -- it won't be quite as shocking as actually being there, but maybe you can feel a tiny bit of what the Circuit Rider felt when he was there. Just click on Holocaust Museum and you will be transported there. Be very prayerful as you enter.

Well, are you enjoying yourself? Oh, you're mad -- my boss seems to have a special ability when it comes to stirring people's emotions -- particularly the angry ones! What's that? I misunderstood and you're not mad? You're saying you even had a chuckle or two along the way, like back at Circuit Rider's This 'n That area or maybe you stopped by CR's Humor Hut? That's good -- laughter is healthy therapy they say, and we want you to leave the range in a good state of health -- mentally, emotionally and spiritually! By the way, please sign the guest book before you leave. You can get to it by clicking on the link posted below. Thanks. "T"

Your responses and comments are welcome -- to contact the Circuit Rider at his private lodge on the Range just click on Penelope, our letter eating toad, who is in charge of our mail department -- she has the letter already addressed for you -- bear in mind there is quite a variety of reactions you may evoke from him -- these are detailed at the Guest Book area!

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