Ramblings from the Pen of a Maverick Who Wears a Mickey Mouse Watch!

Ramblings from the Pen of a Maverick Who Wears a
Mickey Mouse Watch!

W A R N I N G!
Certain areas of Circuit Rider's Range contain graphic images of the mutilation and murder of unborn children. This is not suitable viewing for young children or youth. Although honesty dictates that the little tykes are exposed to more graphic blood & guts violence produced by the Hollywood, TV, and gaming industries than what would be very rarely, if ever, viewed by them here!

The comments on this web site concerning the abortion issue are rooted in Bible based revelation on human life and its Divine purpose (See Jeremiah 1:4,5, Psalm 139, and Ephesians 1:3-5) and so stated by the owner of the web site, Clayton D. Harriger.

Comments relative to this issue of abortion do not reflect the official position of the United Methodist Church, nor of the Western PA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church where Clayton D. Harriger is an ordained elder in full connection and where his ministerial credentials are on record.

The stated "green light" position of the United Methodist Church on abortion is found in its Book of Discipline in the section on Social Principles.

See a kind of follow up and comment or two about the above at A Quick Look At the United States' Massacre Tally! -- scroll down a bit until you come across mention of a United Methodist Bishop and the tally since he became a bishop! In fact, this has been updated to include all other active United Methodist bishops and the massacre tally dating from the year they became bishops. Included also is a copy of a personal letter sent to each of the bishops on an ongoing basis. Full explanation about all this and who all is receiving letters is at that area. BTW, whom all have you contacted lately about the ethical, moral, and spiritual whirlpool that is sucking this republic down to disaster?


Hello there! Theo, Administrative Assistant at CR's Range, here to let you in on a new happening at Circuit Rider's Range -- my boss,CR (alias C. D. Harriger, native to the Clarion, PA area), now has a BLOG! It's been launched at

Musings of a Maverick

So we invite you to come, take a look, and feel free to leave your comments -- don't worry, my boss can handle anything you write, whether it falls into the "Amen!" category or the "##%%@**#%%!!" category -- he's heard all varieties of the latter kind over the years since this site was launched!

Recent additions to the Maverick's Blog include:

This week's special

The nails continue to be driven at a furious pace --
Will 2019 be the year the final nail is driven for the United States?
That's not a hammer in your hand is it, or are you following
the example of many politicians at the state and federal levels as
well as a very, very large number of United States citizens?
Take a look at Driving the Final Nails!

There are those who faithfully celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
A few of us, due to personal acquaintaince with Him, believe Him to be
God revealed in human form over 2,000 years ago and He is very real at the
present time -- suppose a "committee" was set up to confront Him due to
the fact that He is a very controversial individual Who often caused
division and conflict! How might the session go in such a confrontation?
Listen in on Jesus Meets the "Committee!"

Church leaders are expected at times to address critical ethical, moral, and spiritual issues --
they are to be the "shepherds" who challenge and guide the flock over which they have been given authority!
The United Methodist Church has a sizable group of leaders identified as bishops -- sometimes they speak
out loud and clear on issues and other times seem to be tongue tied! See details on one very critical issue
where they tend to be very silent at United Methodist Bishops and Murdered Unborn Children!

Election of 2018 is over with Democrats taking contol of the House --
the Senate still continues to be controlled by the Republicans --
BUT the "campaign" by many is to crucify President Trump! -- social and mainstream
(or is it slipstream?) media are flooded with pics & comments to keep the pot stirred --
however, there is great news regarding the ugly and corrupt worlds of media communication and politics --
God has something wonderful planned for the future -- hang on for a while!
See Good News! A Day Coming in Which All Politicians
Will Be Removed from Office!

News headlines often dominated by what ISIS is doing --
debate rages over whether Islam is a "peaceful" religion!
See Two Faiths -- Two Books -- Two Deities
Only One Will Prevail in the End!

May 31, 1889 -- the South Fork Dam above Johnstown PA failed after very heavy
rains hit the area -- the resulting flood caused the loss of over 2,200 lives.
You can see pictures of the remains of the dam in comments under the title
Judgment Is Like An Impending Dam Break...
A Warning Is Sounded, But Is Anybody Listening?

Pope Francis visited the U.S. in waning days of September 2015 --
While here he addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress and the United Nations.
However, don't forget that world leaders are in for the greatest surprise of their
lives one of these days, which may be closer than we want to admit!
See details at Message to World Leaders and Others
Who Have Wealth, Power, and Influence: You Cannot Hide and You Cannot Win!

It sparks some of the most heated debate ever and some of us
who are considered radical in our faith contribute to that conflict!
Is Jesus Christ the ONLY way of salvation, hope, and entrance to Heaven?
Among theologians, seminary professors, church leaders, and pastors there is conflict -
it is wise to review the issue at The Way -- The Truth -- The Life!

The United States has at times, and continues to be compared
to the ancient Roman Empire -- while certain parallels can be drawn,
a more superior comparison can be made historically -- go to
Comparing the United States to the Ancient Roman Empire?
A Much Better Comparison Is to the Ancient Israelite Kingdom of Judah!

It's about the most assumed experience ever!
Didn't you know? Assuming oneself to be a Christian!
Just WHAT does one do to become a Christian?
Yes, something is required by way of action....
See what at How to Become a Christian
Remember, Christians are born, not people who have a "make-over!"

What are some of the biggest things you have ever thought about?
And has God been somehow a part of those big things considered?
Want to try something interesting by way of a big experience?
Slip over to Getting a Proper Perspective on Life!

The Creator of this mighty universe has been most generous --
many are the gifts He has made available to us humans --
just one thing wrong -- we are in the habit of trashing them!
see details at Trashing Sacred Gifts -- 21st Century Style!

There are people who claim they do things based on conscience --
this can be a very radical thing, depending on the issue at hand!
Once in a blue moon it is possible that you can't have a conscience!
See details at I Am Not Permitted to Have a Conscience!

Most people of all ages are familiar with the fact that in baseball you have
three strikes when you are up to bat -- if you miss the ball on each strike
then you are counted out by the umpire standing behind the plate! With that comparison
consider the tragedy of a president having stuck out in his responsibility as a leader
and now leading our republic toward certain judgment from a holy God! See why at
He Is Out on Three Strikes and We Are Headed for Certain Disaster!

The times of compromise have been upon us for quite a while!
Christians are under constant pressure to give in and not
"rock the boat" in a pluralistic culture such as the U.S!
Details at Living in an Age of Compromise!

We are crossing over the threshold of our 40th year --
it is not an anniversary for which to be proud nor to celebrate!
See why at We Are Crossing Over the Threshold of Our 40th Year...
What Lies Ahead?

Have you heard the term, "fiscal cliff," lately?
That is not the cliff to be worried about --
the real crisis is going over the moral cliff!
Details at The Fiscal Cliff Is Not the Critical Issue --
It Is the Moral Cliff That Is!

There are questions that many have concerning the death experience...
How about this one? A Speculative Question:
Will they be able to see the ones they conspired to mutilate and murder?

There is a detailed experience of one man and what he saw after his death!

March for Life 2019 -- took place on Friday, January 18, in Washington DC.
Both President Trump and Vice President Pence addressed the gathering!
Tens of thousands were involved from all over our republic.
You can get much information from the website which is located at
March for Life 2019 - Washington DC

On June 9, 2014, I lost $950,000!
Details given at my blog as to how this happened!
Still I am not so bad off -- reason is given at
Reminders When Mansion Shopping!

2013 was quite a year with lots happening all over the world --
it figures that an old geezer would have something to say about it!
Details at Reflections on 2013 by An Old Geezer!

Most of what you see here and at the blog are
issues of a highly controversial nature and some visitors
may find their blood pressure rising at a rapid rate!
But there is an area where things are very, very different --
it may even cause the corners of your mouth to form a
smile rather than a frown -- why not take a trip over to
Circuit Rider's Humor Hut!

You don't like what is going on in government?
Have you ever written to the president? Why not? How about doing it today?
Address: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500

See what is now going to President B. Hussein Obama -- this will be going
on a regular basis to the president just as was the case with President Bush.
Don't be afraid -- go ahead and take a look at

Letters to President B. Hussein Obama & Denis McDonough

Copies of the letter also go to church leaders, members of Congress,
media people, ambassadors based in Washington DC and heads of other
nations throughout the world.

See what went out to former President Bush on a regular basis during his years in office:
Mr. President, We Need to Get Our Own House in Order First!

It Is Time.....!

Find out if it is YOUR time!

Email responses to Circuit Rider's Range arrive regularly expressing sentiments of those who have had exposure to the site -- see A Visit to Circuit Rider's Range -- No One Is Neutral Afterward! -- the result? A hate him or love him relationship!

Unborn Children Brutally
Mutilated & Murdered in USA

since USA started "liberating" Iraq
from the brutality of Saddam Hussein

March 19 2003

Watch this for about 60 to 90 seconds
and see what happens!

For a detailed follow-up, go to The Gaping Hole in Casualty Reporting! -- return links are at bottom of the page to bring you here or to other locations on the Range.

Hello -- Theo here! Yes, I'm still employed as the Circuit Rider's administrative assistant. I started work here shortly after Circuit Rider's Range was launched back in March of 1998. And it seems that at times CR (or Clayton D. Harriger as some know him) has stirred emotions to a white hot heat level -- if hate email could kill by merely opening and reading it, he would have been in his grave a long time ago. But a host of positive responses have far outweighed those ones that have come through dripping with sulfuric acid laced with a touch of arsenic and cyanide!

But on to what is going on in this area -- CDH had considered at one point the writing of a book with the title as given above. But then came God's call to get involved in a web site witness for His eternal truth as it applies to the issues of our time. You, of course, have arrived at that web site or you wouldn't be reading this! The book is not yet ruled out, but likely the title will be a bit different than what is given above if such a publication should ever take place.

Content of the book will possibly involve some of the material listed below. One drawback will be the use of animated graphics and other illustrative material which is a kind of "trademark" in CDH's commentaries on various subjects.

So, below is a listing of much of the material he has written over the past few years and has placed here on Circuit Rider's Range -- someday some of it may show up in a book, although present plans simply call for printing each page as it now appears on the Range and passing it on to his kids and their families rather than giving each of them a million dollars! I can see it now, they'll be just thrilled all to pieces

By the way, be sure to use the return feature on your browser to come back here until CR is able to place a return link in each of the below pages.

An Index of Topic Areas

Faith Related Subjects -- first one listed is the most important!

Cultural - Moral - Ethical Tremors

Take about 60 to 90 seconds
and watch the counter --- each additional
number means another unborn child has
just been violently assaulted and murdered!

Unborn Babies Brutally
Mutilated and Murdered

since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

The president and citizens of this country were outraged
with what happened 01-09-11 because of terrorist attacks;
BUT less people were killed on that day
than unborn children on an average day in the USA
by "terrorists" of a different kind wearing white coats!
If you feel you are up to it, take a look at
President Bush's "Selective" War Against Terrorism!

CDH's Reflections


CDH's Letter Cache - letters to all kinds of people including presidents!

United Methodist Church Related

Something Very Special!
Check out this link -- it takes you into a site known as Children's Ministry Resource -- there are countless possibilities here -- look at the article at Object Lesson and then notice the other subject areas on the left side of your screen -- lots of help available in a very important ministry -- if we don't reach the children, what then?
[Use return feature on your browser to come back here]

Still a few things to do here in this area with some more additions and maybe some minor changes in the days ahead. Main purpose here is to list the subjects which CDH has addressed through the commentary, reflection, and letter series.

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