Meet Theo

Meet Theo!

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Here's Theo!

Hello -- my name is Theo and I've been expecting you. I'm CR's Administrative Assistant -- at least that is the title he gives to me at the present time. I would prefer to be known as the Range Foreman -- more dignified, you know -- all kind of organizations, secular and religious, use that Administrative Assistant handle which I despise -- besides with the work he's starting to give me to do, I should be known as the Range Foreman anyway! He also insisted that I dress up a bit rather than greet you in my bulky red work outfit which I wear sometimes at other places on the Range. I apologize for my appearance if you should see me like that, and chances are that you will! But you will still find me to be the usual courteous and helpful fellow that I naturally am! Sadly, you will also learn things about my background which the Circuit Rider insisted I should make known so that you would better understand why there is so much chaos in the world in general, and within the church in particular!

Anyway, we have made a move from Angelfire Communications which had provided free space for a web site, but felt the need to display ads on each page of the members using that space. In our new location here at, we pay a monthly fee, have our own domain with a short address (, and get an area of 60 million acres and over 18 million acres of that has been developed so far (to you computer purists who insist on being politically correct, that's 18 mb out of 60 mb)!! That sure is a lot of real estate and no ads displayed either! The exceptions are in the Guest Book where an explanation is given, and with the search engine as it does its work.

Just think of the tax bill CR will have to pay, in addition to my salary! And then there are Harry, Stinky, Sammy, and Penelope to pay as well, and they are given high salaries too! In fact, as mentioned elsewhere, they are in the salary range of politicians, both the government and church varieties!

It's my job to try to help you get around the Circuit Rider's range. Notice that we don't talk about pages around here -- you're on the Circuit Rider's Range, not a page and it is subdivided into special areas. When you ride through you start at the north end and move south -- got it? Don't worry, we'll see that you get through in one piece, I think???

Oh yes, another thing which you may find very hard to believe. Do you know that Circuit Rider's Range has received an award! And you can go see it at Circuit Rider's Trophy Case!! And as always, you can return here after you see the award.

And, by the way -- I've heard a rumor -- now understand, it's just a rumor. So if you gossip about this, be sure to say it is just a rumor! I heard that there is a possibility that another committee might be formed in the W. PA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church -- we don't have very many of those you know! This one will be yet another "search" committee! And it's sole objective will be to search for Cinderella's fairy godmother and arranging for her to wave her magic wand at the Circuit Rider and poof -- he will be

Anyway, have a good, blessed and challenging journey through Circuit Rider's Range!

P.S. Just between you and me, I have more influence on the Circuit Rider than anyone realizes! Oh, by the way, how about making our day by casting a vote for the Circuit Rider's Range. Just click on the designated banner just below, and then you can come back here.
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