What Churches Can Do to Be a Meaningful Witness Against the Evil of Abortion

What Churches Can Do to Be a Meaningful Witness Against the Evil of Abortion

    1. Preach frequently against America's 4000 daily abortions (If 4000 American military personnel were being killed every day in a foreign war, would any pastor worry that he might be expressing too much sorrow over that catastrophe?). Show the abortion video Harder Truth to the entire congregation during the main worship services (as hundreds of other churches have already done). To facilitate these showings, arrangements should be made to take children of elementary age and younger out of the services for the short duration of the video and adequate warnings need to be provided so adults can avert their gaze if they do not wish to view the video (which is scored with instrumental music rather than lyrics which might be disturbing to listeners who chose to look away from the screen). Tackle the "hard case" exceptions related to babies conceived in rape or incest, birth-defective babies, etc. Also show age-appropriate, pre-natal development videos (no mention of abortion) to young children to instill respect for the miracle and sanctity of human life.

    2. Ensure repeated emphasis on sexual purity since 80% of abortions are performed on single women (the sin of fornication leading to the vast majority of pregnancies terminated by induced abortion). Pregnancies conceived by married women account for the remainder with some unknown percentage fathered by husbands and the rest by adulterous non-spouses). Focus on the responsibility men have to support and encourage their girl friends, wives and daughters to carry crisis pregnancies to term. Create an environment in which women in crisis pregnancy will feel safe in turning to the church instead of pagan baby-killers for help.

    3. Offer ongoing Bible studies specifically designed for women and men who have committed the sin of abortion and wish to avail themselves of the healing power of scripture. These studies can be adapted for individual self-study or group-study.

    4. Undertake pro-life outreach projects aimed at other church and para-church organizations as well as the secular culture.

      A. Register worshipers to vote. (Explain scripture describing the fact that God consistently holds the sovereign accountable for just governance and in America today, we, the electorate, are the sovereign).

      B. Inform registered voters of the positions of candidates for public office concerning issues like abortion (and explain the importance of volunteering time and donating money to support the right candidates without suggesting who they might be).

      C. Conduct "get-out-the-vote" campaigns to encourage voting among registered, informed Christians.

      D. Encourage worshipers to donate money and time to support pro-life activism. The church is filled with retirees who could be extremely helpful in volunteering with crisis pregnancy centers and a variety of other pro-life organizations.

      • Give donations to pro-life organizations in the amount of money individual worshipers would have spent on Christmas or birthday gifts and give the donations in the name of the person to whom the Christmas or birthday gift would have been given.

      • Give out pre-natal development videos to friends and family on Christmas card lists, etc., in the same many churches have facilitated the purchase and distribution of the "Jesus Film."

      • Exhort men who have paid for abortions to donate to pro-life organizations the monthly child-support payment they are not obligated to pay to since arranging their child's death.

      • Implore senior-citizen worshipers to remember pro-life organizations in their estate planning. One of the primary reasons we are losing the abortion battle is because pro-aborts donate hugely more money to kill babies than Christians are willing to donate to save them (frequently through estate planning).

      • Promote the adoption by infertile couples of "discarded" embryos which can often be successfully implanted in the uterus of an otherwise infertile woman or a woman with an infertile spouse.

      • Warn couples making resort to in vitro fertilization that "excess" embryos are often destroyed without being implanted and "embryo reduction" abortions are urged by doctors if "too many" embryos implant in the mother's uterus.

      • Teach the facts concerning the abortifacient secondary effects of low-estrogen birth-control pills.

      • Attempt to persuade every worshiper to be a witness against evil by displaying a pro-life bumper-sticker and wearing a pro-life lapel pin at all times.

      • Teach a Biblically-based aversion to euthanasia and keep the congregation educated on the moral implications of new technologies like stem cell harvesting, cloning, genetic engineering, etc.

      • Help recruit physicians, dentists, accountants and other professionals who worship at the church to donate their services (or reduce their rates) for pro-life organizations and full-time activists.

      • Sponsor pro-life training conferences at the church for the purpose of equipping pastors and lay persons for more effective opposition to abortion.

      • Start and mentor pro-life student groups at area colleges and high schools.

      • Establish a "letter-to-the-editor" writing committee to monitor news publications for opportunities to communicate the pro-life point of view. This same group can also organize letter writing campaigns in which the entire congregation expresses the pro-life perspective to public officials concerning abortion-related public policy matters.

      • Educate and mobilize worshipers concerning economic boycott opportunities for the making of consumer decisions which discourage abortion.

    5. Go to your local abortuary to pray, counsel, offer help and preach the Gospel and the full counsel of God on days when babies are being killed .

    6. Most importantly, organize SERIOUS, constant, prayer and fasting projects to focus intensively on prayer for pro-life matters.

NOTICE: The poster at the top and the above article are copyrighted by The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and are used with these folks' written permission. You can visit them at Center for Bio-Ethical Reform to better inform yourself of the significant work they are doing in the Genocide Awareness Project.

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