Justice Denied
Justice Denied!
A Solemn Plea for Justice for Special Persons
They are the victims of indescribable violence very few really protest!

Music: Crying!

"We are victims of violence of the first magnitude that unquestionably exceeds and over shadows the gun related violence which so many influential persons make an issue about -- there are well over 1,000,000 of us that are violently and fatally assaulted each year -- who will see that justice is done on our behalf?

  • Will you, President Bush and Vice President Cheney, who have given some indication of a measure of concern for us? Are you willing to show the same zeal and intensity to see that justice is done for us as you showed in pressing for a tax cut for U. S. citizens? Maybe it will help you if you think about the fact that none of us will ever have the opportunity to even pay taxes, much less experience tax relief! And you, along with the whole country, were outraged when terrorists struck the USA on 01-09-11 -- immediately you pressed for a long ongoing war to rid the world of all terrorists. Why are you not doing something about the legitimized "terrorists" of another kind who operate under constitutional protection in this country, invade the peaceful sanctuary of our mother's wombs where God is forming us for a wonderful purpose, and we are violently dismembered and destroyed? Have you thought about the fact that more of us are killed on an average work day than were killed on 9-11 as a result of the terrorists attacks? Why are you not being as aggressive in defending us as you say you are about providing homeland security for those outside the womb?

  • Will you, former President Clinton, who vetoed legislation in the past that would have protected at least some of us and enabled us to live? You do remember, don't you, that you on 2 separate occasions vetoed legislation that would have protected some of us from being murdered as we were just seconds away from being born? The legislation would have banned what is commonly referred to as "partial birth abortion."

  • Will you, former Vice President Al Gore, who at one time years ago really seemed to care about us, but have since betrayed us as so many of your kind are prone to do?

  • Will you, Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Gore, who seem delighted to stress a woman's "right to choose" but have miserably failed to comprehend the significant statements made by our Creator that each of us has been fully identified even before the creation of the universe and there is a place for each of us in His master plan for the creation!

  • Will you, Senators Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Edward Kennedy, and others of your kind who in your political positions of influence never did express any concern about us? And you oppose the appointment of persons who have a high respect for life at all stages to positions within the government where such persons might have some influence in curbing the heathen practices of destroying us! Just when was it that your consciences died and no longer function effectively so that might support efforts that agree with the moral and ethical standards established by the Creator of this universe, and before Whom all persons, including elected government representatives will one day stand to give an accounting of how their lives have been lived on earth!

  • Will you, Robert Edgar, chief executive of the National Council of Churches? You said on August 1, 2000 at a press conference organized by HUD on the subject of gun violence, "Because we are so committed to ending this scourge of violence, the National Council of Churches has made the issue of gun violence one of its top priorities and will focus significant educational and advocacy resources on this matter in the years to come...This is a new day. It is not too late for us to stand up and say, 'No more guns, no more violence.'" Will you, Mr. Edgar, also crusade to end this "scourge of violence" that results in over 1 million of us being violently murdered in the womb each year? We anxiously await for you and others of your kind to say something about the "scourge of violence" that takes our lives and we, the victims, are far greater in number than those who are victims of gun violence! Will you launch a crusade to ban the "tools" that mutilate and destroy us with the same zeal that you are seeking to have guns controlled and ultimately banned?

  • Will you, Rosie O'Donnell, as you prattle about gun violence and pushing for the banning of guns even as you apparently have no objection to your bodyguard applying for a permit to carry a weapon loaded and concealed? You haven't given much time to protesting the violence against us have you?

  • Will you, Donna Dees-Thomases and your "Million Moms" who are protesting "gun violence?" Aren't you among those, along with the president and vice president, who are fond of quoting the figure of 12 or 13 children a day being victims of gun shootings, but you fail to also mention that the CDC statistics on that include ages 18 to infants as being in the "children" category, and that most of the "12 or 13" victims are in their upper teens and are often involved in gang and/or drug related violence! There are at least 2,739 of us that are victims in each 24 hour day, 365 days every year! That's 114 of us that are violently murdered every hour! Why do you not march and loudly protest what is happening to us?

  • Will you, people of Handgun Control, Inc., who are pressing for a ban on private handgun ownership, and who also like to quote the "12 or 13 children" a day being killed by firearms -- you who sponsor a TV ad that tells the public that 4,000 children a year are killed in gun violence, but you like the Donna D-T crowd do not tell the full story! Why is that? And remember, there are well over 5,000 of us that are violently murdered every TWO DAYS in the United States! Why are you not protesting the violence being done to us, and calling for a ban on the "weapons" that are used to destroy us?

  • Will you, United Methodist delegates to GC2000 who voted on a "gun violence" resolution? And also many of you who have been elevated to leadership positions and who have expressed highly publicized concern for children, why will you not speak out on our behalf?

  • Will you, Episcopal church folks who also voted through a "gun violence" resolution?

  • Will you, Supreme Court Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, O'Connor, Souter, and Stevens, who struck down a state law that attempted to curb the murders of some of us who were actually in the process of being born?

  • Will you, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Average Citizen, who have said in the past that you don't want to be involved -- that you want to avoid controversy -- that you just want to come and go as you please and live your own life quietly, retreating into your own little world -- there are so many of you out there -- WILL YOU SPEAK UP FOR US?

  • Or will you, like far too many, get intensely disturbed at seeing the horrible reality of what is happening to us and express your rage against those who display the violence of what takes place, rather than protesting the acts that result in our destruction? Why will you not vent your rage against those responsible for those thousands of acts taking place in this land each day and where it is said that EACH person should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

Banner Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
and used with their permission.

Could it be?

That the nation living under this banner by refusing to

repent of its "shedding of innocent blood" will end up
like this?

As we approach the 2008 presidential election, there is no evidence that any of the big names, with mouths to match, have any real concern for the victims of the United States' version of holocaust -- such as Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others in both Democratic and Republican parties -- and the new speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, while she is a self-appointed authority on a lot of things, has not shown a particle of concern for the millions of unborn victims who have been part of the greatest massacre to occur in the history of the United States!

Take a Selah Moment!

Moreover the word of the LORD came to me, saying, "Now, son of man, will you judge, will you judge the bloody city? Yes, show her all her abominations! Then say, 'Thus says the Lord GOD: "The city sheds blood in her own midst, that her time may come; and she makes idols within herself to defile herself. You have become guilty by the blood which you have shed, and have defiled yourself with the idols which you have made. You have caused your days to draw near, and have come to the end of your years; therefore I have made you a reproach to the nations, and a mockery to all countries."'
[Ezekiel 22:1-4 NKJV]

"Make a chain, for the land is filled with crimes of blood, and the city is full of violence. Therefore I will bring the worst of the Gentiles, and they will possess their houses; I will cause the pomp of the strong to cease, and their holy places shall be defiled. Destruction comes; they will seek peace, but there shall be none. Disaster will come upon disaster, and rumor will be upon rumor. then they will seek a vision from a prophet; but the law will perish from the priest, and counsel from the elders. The king will mourn, the prince will be clothed with desolation, and the hands of the common people will tremble. I will do to them according to their way, and according to what they deserve I will judge them; then they shall know that I am the LORD!"

[Ezekiel 7:23-27 NKJV]

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Compiled by Clayton D. Harriger, July 2000

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