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Hypocrites' Hall of Shame!

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Hello and welcome to a very special area of Circuit Rider's Range! We placed this one back by the sewerage treatment plant because of the type of subject matter and as you see, it is titled "Hypocrites' Hall of Shame!" Since there are people constantly competing for enshrinement here there will be additions placed here from time to time. So check back and see why these are more than qualified to be a member of the "Hall!" And now, the Circuit Rider will unveil the very highly qualified "candidates!"

Qualifying Entries for the Hypocrites' Hall of Shame

Major News Media People & Supervisors of Same
It's been long overdue -- bias among major news outlets has been documented again and again over the years. The major TV networks are notorious for this with commentators assuming an "authoritative" role that goes beyond mere reporting of news -- they also presume to tell you how to think about it! In mid November 2002 a homosexual man brutally murdered a Christian woman who had been witnessing to him about his lifestyle and the need to abandon it, etc. There was no mass coverage of this nor identifying it as a hate crime as was the case of the murder of a homosexual by the name of Matthew Shepard -- in the Shepard case, the murder was the focus of major media people for days on end! Likewise, in the case of the murder of a teenager by the name of Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas by two homosexual lovers -- they tortured him, raped him, and then killed him -- did the big guys at NBC, ABC, or CBS say anything about this? You know the answer to that one don't you -- and now you know why this breed of news people deserve a prominent place in the Hypocrites' Hall of Shame!

American Medical Association Chairman
Dr. Richard Corlin

At the big AMA annual get together Dr. Richard Corlin (term "Dr." used carelessly here!) stated, "There is an epidemic and it's an American epidemic of handgun violence." Hardly a disquise here that Richard is attempting to advance an anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment agenda via the AMA! He qualifies for high standing in the H.H.O.S. because he did not mention one word -- not one word of the fact that some of his esteemed colleagues are in the regular practice of violently dismembering and terminating the lives of thousands of unborn children every week, with a yearly total reaching 1.2 million or more! Richard has more than a slight problem as to what the real American "epidemic" of violence really is in terms of numbers!

A couple of questions were asked the doc in light of his statement about handgun violence: "By the way, Doc, about that Chardonnay you like to drink -- the number of annual alcohol-related deaths exceed the number of gun-related deaths by 500%. And the number of "iatrogenic" (physician error related) deaths exceed the number of gun-related deaths by 2,200% annually -- ranking third in the leading causes of death behind cancer and heart disease!" (quoted from Federalist Brief June 19, 2001).

Oooooh! In light of the numbers, should we press for a ban on doctors rather than handguns -- write your congress representatives about this threat!

That Self Appointed Moral Leader Known as
The REVEREND Je$$e Jack$on!

Whew! What timing! The REVEREND was planning to lead a gigantic protest at George Bush's inauguration on January 20, 2001 -- but guess what, he found out some tabloids were going to break the story that he had fathered a child out of wedlock a while back, and so he beat the tabloids by 'fessing up! And of course, he was temporarily knocked "out of action" on the day of the inauguration of our new president! Now here are some interesting items in this escapade on the part of the REVEREND who claims to be God's chosen moral leader in our republic:
  • Seems the REVEREND and a staffer were involved in more than shuffling papers for the Rainbow Coalition with the staffer becoming pregnant by Jack$on -- more than a mild slap in the face to his wife of 38 years, Jackie!

  • The REVEREND had thrust himself into the middle of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal as a counselor/healer of a sinning president and even had a photo taken in the Oval Office with his adoring staffer from the Rainbow Coalition who was pregnant at the time because the REVEREND did not believe in practicing "safe sex" or a certain commandment that speaks about the fact of adultery being a no-no in Almighty God's code of conduct for married couples!

  • The REVEREND arranged for his playmate staffer to live in a home worth $345,000 and just so she wouldn't experience too much hardship, he also arranged for her to receive $10,000 per month income! Now there are some questions to be raised here -- how many reverends do you know who make enough money to not only provide for themselves and legitimate families, but then have some to spare such as a home costing over 1/3 of million dollars plus $120,000 a year to put bread and butter on the table for a playmate?

  • And the REVEREND announced that he would fade out of high profile public exposure to reconnect with his family (the legitimate one) and go through a healing process for some time -- instant connection and instant healing takes place these days you know, and so the REVEREND was quickly back in the public arena going on with his high moral lecturing to us sinners!
    Now then, in the race for the "Hypocrite of the Century" Trophy, it's almost a dead heat between Bill Clinton, Rosie O'Donnell, and the REVEREND Je$$e Jack$on -- but Teddy Kennedy (of Chappa whatever fame) is closing in fast since he self righteously ranted and raved over the confirmation of John Ashcroft for Attorney General of the republic!

  • Oh no! The REVEREND has made the news again during the week of February 11th with new information that he was doing more than shuffling papers with another staff member in his Rainbow outfit! Since that bit of new information has been revealed, the check out counter tabloids are having a blast with this one -- about as much as when Jimmy Swaggart went and did a repeat performance with a sidewalk pacing "entertainer!" In the REVEREND Mr. Jack$on's case it seems there is also that issue about money as well!

  • June 2001 - the REVEREND adds another star to his H.H.O.S. niche! In Puerto Rico it was reported that the REVEREND acccused the U.S. government of trying to intimidate his wife and other protesters on Vieques with excessive jail terms, fines and cruel treatment. He lamented after having met briefly with wife, Jacqueline, that she would be returned to solitude in a dank, dingy cell because she planned to refuse to allow guards to search her. Said the REVEREND: "Because she refused cavity body searches of her private parts, she is now in a hole in solitary confinement...that is cruel and unnecessary punishment."

    Hmmmmmmm....obviously, in light of prior reported escapades with Rainbow Coalition staff members, the REVEREND is an expert on cavity body searches! And if there still remains a bit of conscience in his being, it has yet to make a direct connection to his inflicting a more serious kind of "cruel and unnecessary punishment" upon his wife and family by his escapades with those Rainbow Coalition staff people!

A 2nd Self Appointed "Moralist" Who Knows What's Best for Us!
Senator Barbara Boxer of Sunny CA!

  • Barbara speaks out on partial-birth abortion: "That this Constitution as it currently is -- some want to amend it to say life begins at conception... I am not willing to amend the Constitution to say that a fetus is a person..."

  • Barbara speaks out about trees: "We are talking about God's creations that we have a responsibility to protect. This is Mojave National Preserve's Joshua Trees. We have to protect them."

  • Question please... Might it be possible that God may issue an apology to Ms. Boxer and admit that He has been wrong in identifying humans as persons even before they are conceived, much less born since He and she are obviously in much disagreement on this -- especially on what needs to be protected and what doesn't? Further, that His plan and purpose for each human is mapped out prior to their conception is also a mistaken assumption on His part? And as evidence of His sincere repentance in this serious mistake, that He will henceforth work diligently to preserve and protect trees since they are His creation, and humans are simply a glob of tissue in an evolutionary state of progression with no significance attached to their lowly existence as is the case of the majestic tree! And surely Ms. Boxer will hold a press conference when God has corrected Himself on this most serious error -- perhaps an apology to all trees would also be in order!

La Mouth Herself - Rosie O'Donnell!
Rosie O'Donnell, who often subs as a Clintonista mouthpiece for the popular ban-the-gun crusade made up of a crowd of assorted politicians, social engineers, church leaders, movie and TV personalities, and other persons running from reality, went on record about guns:
"I don't care if you want to hunt. I don't care if you think it is your right. I say, 'Sorry.' It is 1999, we have had enough as a nation. You are not allowed to own a gun and if you do own a gun, I think you should go to prison."
Ms. O'Donnell qualifies for an honored place in the HHoS due to the following:
  • she has no objection to her bodyguard being armed with a weapon -- according to the May 25 issue of the Stamford, Connecticut Advocate Rosie's personal bodyguard has applied for a concealed weapon permit. The application is in the hands of the Greenwich Police Department. Rosie, while admitting the bodyguard was seeking the permit, stressed that he would not carry the firearm while taking her adopted son to school -- yea, sure!
    [Source: America's 1st Freedom, July 2000, p. 17]

  • she described her move from New York to the small Connecticut town was based on the fact that she thought it was a safe community, but added this interesting observation -- "...sometimes the people here have too much money." Now understand that this works like it does for politicians such as D. Feinstein -- "It's OK for me (or people on my staff) to have guns, but NOT FOR YOU! And it's OK for me to have wealth, but NOT FOR YOU!" All this is a most sobering reminder -- very, very few people can handle wealth and power responsibly -- ah, the O'Donnell and Feinstein types are not among those few!

  • she has no objection to drawing a very fat salary and perk package from a TV network that features excessive violence involving guns under the guise of "entertainment," not to mention the other sexual, conversational, ethical, and moral sewerage it regularly produces!

  • she has never given even a fraction of her time to opposing a far greater violence that takes a much higher toll in numbers than do firearms -- it is doubtful she has the intellectual and moral honesty to take a good long hard look at A gun didn't kill me! -- but then she has lots of company in this intellectual and moral problem of facing the real issue of violence and loss of human life!

  • she was given a "high profile" for the Million Mom March on Mother's Day, 2000 in Washington DC, and held up as a "concerned mom" who wanted something done to eliminate these instruments of violence called guns -- in a letter to Donna Dees-Thomases, supposed organizer of the MMM, Circuit Rider pointed out the following regarding La Mouth Rosie:
    First, what does she even know about motherhood to begin with? Yes, she has done an adoption thing, but how much time will she really be spending to rear the children by teaching and example? Or will the hired help do most of that job as it is with increased numbers of those who have wealth these days? But more seriously Ms. O’Donnell is not the best representative of motherhood from another standpoint. She was a big name in a movie entitled "Exit to Eden" which had a rating that listed the following items defining content: AS, L, N, MV, SSC! A number of mothers with a clear sense of right and wrong would neither participate in such a film nor would they want their children viewing it!
  • one of her sponsors has been K-Mart, which sells quite a few firearms in a year's time, including those used in hunting -- remember, she said she didn't care if one hunts or not -- if you have a gun, you should go to prison! If anyone notes that K-Mart is no longer a sponsor, please inform me -- I simply don't have enough stomach to endure La Mouth R. to find out by viewing the program! This information came through another source.

Dianne Feinstein & Guns!
Plus a bonus lesson in how to handle them!

A while back Dianne Feinstein, infamous senator from sunny California held a "ban-the-gun" news conference with a very dramatic punch -- she "panned" the assembled gathering with an AK-47 in her hands -- finger clearly on the trigger and the bolt closed! Oooops! How about a little aside at this point?
One of the many things I stressed to my sons as I trained them in the proper use of firearms was this -- you never, never point a weapon at another person! The only exception is when your life is in danger and you have to defend yourself with the weapon, and there are numerous cases of this happening in the U.S. each year! Further, you always make sure the muzzle of the weapon is always pointed in a direction that should it accidentally discharge, no one will be struck! And when you bring the firearm into the home, you always check to make sure it is unloaded, preferably keeping the weapon open when brought inside. And when it is removed from its place of storage, you again check it to make sure the chamber (or cylinder) is empty. You never "horseplay" with a weapon. It is always to be handled as though it were loaded at all times, even if it isn't! Feinstein claims she received instruction in the use of firearms -- looks like the "instructor" needs a heap of instructing as you observe Madam Dianne handling that AK-47 with a bunch of people on the receiving end of that muzzle!
And to add some frosting to this "cake" it was learned that Dianne has a permit to carry a weapon concealed and loaded! But that is typical of politicians -- they want to make the rules that apply to everyone else but themselves! Hence, a solid reason why Dianne is more than qualified for an entry in this area! You are familiar with the word that so accurately applies to her in this case, are you not?
[Source: Premier issue of America's First Freedom, June 2000 – p 20 – photos & text under heading, "Gun Laws Are For Everyone! But Me."]

It appears that Dianne and her "ban-the-gun" allies in politics, church and the mainstream media aren't willing to crusade for banning the "instruments" that cause a far greater violent and always fatal toll in the USA as pictured in A gun didn't kill me!

By the way, did you know that Dianne and her congressional partners in crime (committed against the average U.S. citizen) do not pay a penny into Social Security or any other retirement plan. They have a "special" retirement benefit they legislated for themselves many years ago which, for all practical purposes, allows them to retire at full salary scale paid for by -- you guessed it -- us taxpayers! [Source: Federalist 26 May 2000 #00-21]

Check into all those goody "perks" this bunch has chalked up for themselves -- no, on second thought, maybe you shouldn't -- it could spark another Revolution of a different kind -- not deliverance from abusive British Empire powers located across the ocean, but those located down in a place called Washington, DC!

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The Rev. Robert Edgar & Guns!
The NCC wants to curb gun violence!

The Department of Housing and Urban Development held a press conference on August 1, 2000. Chief executive, the Rev. Robert Edgar, of the National Council of Churches graced the occasion with his presence with much to say about the Council's efforts to concentrate on ending gun violence. Edgar, a United Methodist pastor, referred to the "scourge of violence" (read that to mean the violence that those horrible things called guns are causing around the country) and we need more laws and we need to ban sale and ownership of handguns and assault weapons! Have these people no common sense at all in understanding that anything can be an assault weapon -- people have killed other people with hammers, wrenches, ball bats, and kitchen chairs! In most appropriate fashion Mr. Edgar highly qualifies for an honored place in the HOS due to his silence on a far greater "scourge of violence" that has claimed over 40 million victims since 1973 -- his gun violence oriented tongue is paralyzed when it comes to suggesting that we need to crusade against those implements that mutilate and murder over 5,000 unborn children every 2 days in the womb!

Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church
The scenario began with a meeting of what has commonly been referred to as the "chief shepherds" of the United Methodist Church in fall of '99 at Lake Junaluska in North Carolina. Here is one interesting subject which these folks discussed:
While meeting and dealing with their children's "initiative" it was noted that 1,600 children around the world had died from "preventable causes" -- while on the subject the idea was suggested about setting up a clock at General Conference (which was scheduled for early May, 2000) to tally how many children are dying from "preventable causes" around the world! Not one time -- I mean, NOT ONE TIME, was it mentioned that an average 3,700 or more unborn children a day are destroyed in the womb alone in the "civilized" United States! Obviously, the "chief shepherds" do not consider abortion on demand a "preventable cause!" No mention was made as to whether that clock was set up at the General Conference in Cleveland in the early days of May, 2000. But then, other issues seemed to dominate the scene at times.

Bishops preached each day at the May 2000 General Conference and at least one made an issue of violence in the streets, its effects on children and youth, and violence related to guns, with the NRA being labeled as being in the same league as demons! But no mention of the other instruments which violently take a far greater toll in human life each year than do firearms! While adopting a resolution opposing violence and among other things calling on the U.S. government to ban private ownership of handguns, no proposal was made to specifically identify and ban the use of those instruments which result in such violent death as pictured below! A Roman Catholic bishop doesn't hesitate to speak out about this issue! And remember when Al Gore would have liked to crawl back into a hole somewhere when the Pope visited this country years ago and confronted the Vice Prevaricator with the issue of abortion just minutes after getting off the plane?

The UMC did finally adopt a resolution opposing partial birth abortion -- still, it seems unless you are seconds away from being born, there is not much objection to your violent demise such as portrayed below -- now then, any objections as to why the UMC Council of Bishops strongly qualifies for entry into the HHoS?

One of over a million per year who are
not victims of gun violence! Do you care?

Why do United Methodist bishops (and many other leaders) not object to
this violent barbarism which has wiped out 40 million or more over 28
years in the USA alone, and yet claim to be concerned for children?

Certain Justices of the United States Supreme Court!

On June 28, 2000 the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision struck down Nebraska's ban on partial birth abortions! Weren't we USA citizens led to believe that the Supreme Court is to uphold justice for all human beings? Do they make the deadly mistake of believing that the baby who is seconds away from birth, with its head still in the birth canal, can be callously murdered because that is considered a "constitutional right" of the mother-to-be (term used loosely) with assistance from a co-conspirator falsely referred to as a "doctor?"

The court said the Nebraska law, which pro-life state Attorney General Don Stenberg said is aimed only at the partial-birth abortion method, could criminalize other abortion methods as well.

"Using this law, some present prosecutors and future attorneys general may choose to pursue physicians who use D&E procedures, the most commonly used method for performing previability second-trimester abortions," Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote for the court.

"All those who perform abortion procedures using that method must fear prosecution, conviction and imprisonment. The result is an undue burden upon a woman's right to make an abortion decision," Breyer said. "We must consequently find the statute unconstitutional."

Joining Breyer in this latest debacle of first magnitude proportions were Justices John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O'Connor, David H. Souter and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ah, any objections to these "jurists" (term used very loosely) being given a distinguished place in the HHoS?

By the way, have you ever read a definitive description of what takes place in a partial birth abortion by an expert eye witness? The following is a description given by a nurse in sworn testimony. Her identity is withheld along with that of the "doctor" involved in the incident. The nurse, because of a sensitive conscience, could not continue to be a part of these very violent acts, which have the stamp of approval of 5 members of the U.S. Supreme Court!
Nurse X testified: "Dr. X went in with the forceps and grabbed the baby’s legs and pulled them down into the birth canal. Then he delivered the baby’s body and arms - everything but the head…The baby’s little fingers were clasping and unclasping, and his little feet were kicking. Then the doctor stuck the scissors in the back of his head, and the baby’s arms jerked out, like a startle reaction, like a flinch, like a baby does when he thinks he is going to fall. The doctor opened up the scissors, stuck a high powered suction tube into the opening, and sucked the baby’s brains out. Now the baby went completely limp. I was really completely unprepared for what I was seeing."

Anyone have an explanation why those Supreme Court justices don't seem to be concerned about justice for the little boy or girl pictured in A gun didn't kill me! Now do you see why at least 5 of the 9 are more than qualified for an entry in the HHoS?

And maybe it will mean that they will have to wait until they are dead for about 3 seconds or so before they realize (as everyone will) that there is no "constitutional right" to stand in the way and intentionally destroy Almighty God's plan for a conceived human being! For the few who still take God's revelation seriously, look at Jeremiah 1:4,5 and Psalm 139 for sobering reminders of this!

Donna Dees-Thomases and the big MMM!
The name Donna Dees-Thomases popped into the headlines earlier in the year 2000 and instantly the media culture held her up as almost a kind of savior (or is it saviorette?)! Anyway, she supposedly came up with the idea of a million moms marching on Mother's Day all over the country to protest gun violence and to put pressure on legislators for more gun laws (read that to mean ultimate ban of private ownership firearms!) Why be skeptical of this bunch when they say they just want "reasonable legislation" and other dribble from their mouths even as they at the present time intensely lobby for more "gun control?" Again, translate that to mean ultimate ban and private ownership of firearms!

Now then, consider this....

  • Donna D-T is a sister-in-law of Susan Thomases, who is a White House insider and very close friend to the Clintons!!!

  • Donna D-T has ties to CBS, having been a publicist and also described as a "right hand woman" to Dan Rather -- are you among those who would rather not watch nor hear Rather? And that network has more than contributed to a moral decline in our society with its brand of violent (including gun violence), immoral, vulgar, and antichristian programming! Some will object and say that there is some "good" programming on the networks -- yea, it's a bit like popping a vitamin pill into a glass of liquid arsenic, drinking the contents, and saying in the last seconds, I got some good out of that! Try it sometime and see how it helps your health

  • Donna D-T was pictured with a few others in a meeting with Clinton who was strongly supportive of the MMM, along with a distant acquaintaince of his named Hillary. Anyone who has the "favor and blessing" of the present president of the U.S. has a credibility problem and whatever they say or do is immediately suspect to those who are sensitive to values such as ethics, honesty, Biblical morality, integrity, truthfulness, etc. You know the example the president has set in the foregoing listing of values do you not?

  • As many do in the anti-gun crusade, Donna D-T expresses concern for children often quoting the CDC figure of 13 children a day being victims of gun violence. What they don't tell you about the CDC stats is that the age of the "children" is from 18 to infancy! And that most of those 13 are in the upper teen age group and they are mainly involved in gang and drug related violence!

  • Worst of all, Donna D-T and her "million moms" have never mentioned concern for stopping the violence, banning the "instruments" involved, and calling for the imprisonment of the perpetrators which takes a toll of well over 1 million victims a year! Have you heard Donna D-T and her cohorts protest what happened to A gun didn't kill me! -- now, do you see why she and the others are more than qualified for an honored place in the HHoS?

  • During the MMM thing in DC there was an opposing demonstration sponsored by the Second Amendment Sisters, Inc., better known perhaps as "Moms 4 Guns!" -- within this group was a sign which read:
    Maryland Children - 1997
    Died drowning - 12
    Killed in fire - 16
    Killed in cars - 56
    Accidental shootings - 2

    And guess what? Donna and her friends seem to be tongue tied about all those children being killed by automobiles! Of course to ban those would mean that Donna and her kind would have to give up their Rolls Royces, BMW's, Mercedes', Cadillacs, Jaguars, Lincoln Town Cars, or whatever high priced luxury machines they drive!

  • If you want to read the letter sent to Donna D-T by certified mail slip on over to A Million Moms Marching! Anyone have an idea as to why I did not get a reply?

Secretary of Defense & Fair Housing!

"On a recent trip to California, Secretary of Defense William Cohen told Marines at Camp Pendleton that he was increasing their housing allowances. The same day, Cohen and his gang checked into the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where his room alone cost $10,000 during his stay. Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon said Cohen's meetings with Hollywonks like Julia Roberts and Stephen Spielberg, and his attendance at the People's Choice Awards, were legitimate "taxpayer business."

[Quote from: The Federalist Vol #00-06 11 February 2000]

From the U.S.A. Undisputed Champion Prevaricator!

"I am not against cutting taxes..."

Uttered by Bill Clinton in trying to convince Americans he is their Messiah, but then on September 23, 1999, in typical hypocritical fashion (he's a pro at this) he vetoed the $792 billion tax cut proposal that came from the Congress!!

"Ending this tragedy is a moral imperative...We are upholding our values..."

Bill Clinton in attempting to justify our attacks at the time on people in the former Yugoslavia area of the world -- ooh, you mean this guy talks about "moral imperative" and "values" -- would that be the kind applied to relating to young White House interns????

"I am very careful in the words I use not to mislead one way or the other..." -- Bill Clinton in interview with soft-baller Dan Rather!

[Source: The Federalist Vol #99-13 2 April 1999]

Teddy "Take-a-Ride-in-My-Merry-Oldsmobile" Kennedy Speaks!

"We must do more to keep guns out of the hands of children....without guns, families in Littleton, Colo., would not be grieving and 15 people would be alive today." -- Ted Kennedy as reported by AP on May 12, 1999.

Ah, if only there had been no Oldsmobiles, the parents of Mary Jo Kopechne would not be grieving today and Mary Jo would still be alive! And if there were no alcohol, thousands and thousands of families would not be grieving today and many thousands of people would still be alive! Can we rely on Senator Kennedy to propose legislation banning automobiles, and especially Oldsmobiles in particular? And might this noble senator with concern for human safety lead the way in pushing legislation which will ban alcoholic beverages and thus end the carnage due to use of this product that causes thousands of families to grieve every year?

And of course, you know how much time the honorable Mr. Kennedy has taken in the Senate to challenge his colleagues to ban those instruments of destruction that cause huge numbers of victims such as seen at A gun didn't kill me! don't you? Look in the Congressional Record for his oratory on this!

Handgun Control, Inc. Highly Qualified for Entry in the Hall!

For instance, how about this gem? Responding to the House defeat of Clinton's anti-gun agenda, Handgun Control, Inc. ran a full page ad around the country under the title, "Open Letter to the National Rifle Association." HCI stated,

"We hate what guns are doing to our communities, our schools, our families and, most especially, our children." Also this outfit indignantly declared that the gun-control issue is not only "about children" but "everyone's right to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'"

Well, well... Now do you suppose that this concerned group also hates what the doctors (term used loosely) in abortion clinics are doing each day -- namely, tearing apart an average of 3,700 or more unborn children to itty bitty pieces with stainless steel tools and tailor made vacuum cleaners! And each year there are a few thousand children partially born whose skulls are punctured, brains sucked out, and then the remains discarded as casually as though bagging up unwanted garbage, sitting it by the curbside for pickup! Hey, don't get upset -- didn't they say they were concerned about children? Let's add up the figures -- who is causing the most damage and destruction here when it comes to children? Well, HCI, we're waiting to see whether you also hate what those stainless steel "tools" etc are doing to unborn children and whether they too should have right to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'????? In case your memory is short, look at what those "tools" can do at A gun didn't kill me!

By the way, the HCI ad was endorsed by a number of persons who are a few bricks short of a full load when it comes to intellectually grappling with the real issues and the most serious threats to persons of all ages, including the unborn, in our culture!

[Source of HCI ad information: The Federalist Vol. 99-25 June 25, 1999] with comments by Circuit Rider :-)

Qualified Professor in the University of Tall Tales & Prevarications!

Remember when Bill Clinton & Co. were selling us a bill of goods on how evil people in a place called Kosovo were committing high scoring atrocities -- and we just had to blast them with bombs, blah, blah, blah??? Better sit down for this one as reliable new information indicates once AGAIN that Clinton also qualifies for an entry in Guiness Book of Records for more lies told than anyone else in a government leadership position! Just slip on over to The Truth Leaks out about Kosovo!

Academy Award for Pure Brazen Arrogance at Taxpayers' Expense!
Mr. Clinton has directed the FAA and other federal agencies to treat Ms. Rodham-Clinton's plane, "Executive One Foxtrot," just as if it was Air Force One -- giving her priority for take-offs, landings, ramp and hangar space, air traffic diversions, etc. Air traffic controllers say the directive is unprecedented. As a result, taxpayers are not only paying for her Senate campaign travels, but also waiting for her to come and go!
[Source: The Federalist - 03 December 1999 - vol #99-48]

Memorable Gore-isms!
"When I have been asked who caused the riots and the killings in L.A., my answer has been direct and simple: Who is to blame for the riots? The rioters are to blame. Who is to blame for the killings? The killers are to blame." -- V. President Al Gore
[Source: Passed around over the Internet]

Where Were You, Mr. Clinton, When...?

Questions from Viet Nam veterans and families to Bill Clinton, as compiled by Col. David Hackworth, American's most decorated living veteran. These will be rotated from time to time.

"I know where you were, Bill! You were writing letters to tell how you hated the military. You were overseas telling Europeans how you disliked America...you were carousing with known Communists... In spite of the fact that you have tried your best to staff the government with the biggest assortment of socialists, misfits, incompetents, idiots, perverts, thieves, and liars, I don't think you will succeed. I firmly believe your second term is only due to an inability of the American people to believe that someone who aspired to be President of the United States could be so shallow and unprincipled as you."
-- Dave

[Source: Federalist Brief 99-20 June 18, 1999]

Col. Hackworth writes a column regularly and you can check out his articles in Col. David Hackworth's Archive

From Mouth Running without Brain Engaged Department!
"Incredibly, while these 18 to 20 year-olds cannot legally buy a beer, cannot purchase a bottle of wine and cannot order a drink in a bar, right now they can walk into any gun shop, any pawn shop, any gun show, anywhere in American and buy a handgun." -- Al Gore on how it should be illegal for 18 to 20 year-olds, who commit 25% of all crime, to buy handguns!

Pssst - Mr. Gore, do some homework! The Gun Control Act of 1968 already specifies that it is illegal to sell a handgun to anyone under the age of 21! And anyone who has ever purchased a handgun (and Circuit Rider has done this a few times) will be confronted with this law by being required to produce clear proof of one's birthdate!

[Source of quote: The Federalist Volume #99-24 18 June 1999]

Ms. Rodham-Clinton in referring to the attack on former Yugoslavia (back when we were really blasting those people): "I urged him (good 'ol Bill) to bomb; I supported him...What do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life?"
MEMO to Ms. Rodham-Clinton: We checked, and NATO's charter still indicated it was a defensive alliance -- established to defend its members from attack. Bombing Yugoslavia was an offensive action!

[Source: The Federalist Volume #99-32 12 August 1999]

A Keen Comparison: "The only difference between the First Couple (the Clintons) and the Titanic is that the Titanic ran out of depths to which it could sink!"
-- comment by supporting member of The Federalist Sep. 3, 1999 Vol #99-35

By the way, to see lots of hypocrisy and mis-government from a cartoonist's point of view, slip on over to The Cartoonery -- here you will find interesting depictions of government characters and others -- note you can see the recent scenes or visit the archive section which contains the best of the Clinton scandals!

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