March for Life 2001

March for Life 2001

An Posting of Information Related to the
January 22, 2001 March for Life in Washington D.C.

A Photo Display of the Rally
with a bit of commentary!

Geographic Focus of Information is Western & Central Pennsylvania

For You have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother's womb...Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.
-- Psalm 139:13,16 (NKJV)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.

-- Jeremiah 1:5 (NKJV)

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Music: A medley honoring Jesus for salvation, hope, and a beautiful plan for every conceived human life!
Titles: Now I Belong to Jesus -- Thank You, Lord -- Thou Art Worthy -- Precious Jesus -- In the Sweet By and By

March for Life Rally assembled
near the Washington Monument

Here they come - from all over the country!
NOTE: White House can be seen in distance - lower center of photo

Views of the crowd as the people were assembling.
Taken near the base of Washington Monument and looking in general direction of the White House.

United Methodists from W. Pennsylvania carried the above banners.
If we could have matched our Catholic and Orthodox friends from W. PA. in numbers we would have had a
really big crowd, but we're thankful for the few who were willing to invest time and expense to participate

Additional Comment: A few years ago the United Methodist Church bishops designed and developed an intense program called, "The Bishops Initiative for Children." It is a program with which no one would want to disagree. Who would not want to go to the aid of children who are living under poverty, starving, diseased, and unjust civil conditions? As pointed out at various locations here at Circuit Rider's Range, there is a glaring inconsistency in the program as to what children are included in the focus of the initiative -- the boundary line is drawn at the entrance to the womb! You never hear United Methodist bishops protesting the violent injustice being done to thousands of unborn children each week! So you can understand, can you not, why we had no UMC bishops helping to hold the banner, "We March for the Children," since the children that were the focus of the January 22, 2001 March for Life are on the other side of the "boundary line" and not included in the massive "Bishops Initiative for Children" program of the United Methodist Church!

Recognize this fellow? He did draw a bit of attention as he strolled about!
However, the genuine article conveyed a very encouraging word to the March for Life participants --
the first president to do so in 8 years -- it seemed that even the air in Washington DC smelled cleaner --
again, for the first time in 8 very long years!

A graphic portrayal of the rampant hypocrisy presently existing in our nation!
This was one of a series of graphic reminders that all is not well in what
is supposed to be a "civilized" nation with "justice and freedom for all!"

And a P.S!

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RU-486 -- The Final Nail?
Fighting for Your Life!
Justice Denied!
Human Life Is Sacred!
OK -- Why the Heavy Emphasis on the Abortion Issue?

Just about anything can be purchased in the nation that claims to be "one nation under God" and professes "In God We Trust" -- see a "buffet" of a different kind at Baby Body Parts for Sale!

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we have oxymoron coins? An oxymoron is defined as "a figure of
speech in which opposite or contradictory terms are combined."
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Below is information originally posted related to the January 22, 2001 March for Life in Washington DC

Theme for the 2001 March for Life:

"Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Childhood Begin at Fertilization"

Rally will be held at the Washington Monument, and following the rally, the march will proceed down Constitution Avenue toward the Capitol, where participants will meet with members of the U.S. Congress.

  • Special Announcement: The information posted here is for the purpose of assisting those who are supportive of the pro-life cause and the visible witness of the annual March for Life in Washington DC. If there is any information that is incorrect or if there are additional listings of locations from which buses will be departing for Washington please inform Clayton D. Harriger as soon as possible at Thank you. There is a final word at And a P.S!

  • Sanctity of Life TV Specials

  • Western PA United Methodists please Click Here!

  • People Concerned for the Unborn Child in the Pittsburgh area have an extensive listing of locations and contact persons in 11 southwestern PA counties plus some colleges and high schools -- for details click on the profile of an American citizen who is only 14 weeks old:

  • Ebensburg, PA area
    For information call John Poole at 472-8584, or Mary Mastrine at 472-8622, or Marie Rhoades at 344-9916. All phones are in the 814 area code.

  • Erie, PA
    Bus Seats: $38/person - Bus seats are still available, but reservations should be made as soon as possible. Church groups, student groups, and other groups are welcome. To reserve your seat(s), send a check to People for Life, P.O. Box 1126, Erie, PA 16512, or stop at the People for Life Pro-Life Center, 1625 West 26th St., Erie. For more information, call the Pro-Life Center, 814-459-1333.

    All reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. When all seats are taken, a waiting list will be kept, in case of cancellations. Some student sponsorship funds may be available. Inquiries are welcome.

    The Program
    - Leave Erie at 11:30 PM, Sunday, January 21, 2001
    - March in Washington, DC on Monday, January 22, 2001
    - Visit with U.S. Senator Rick Santorum and Congressman Phil English
    - Return about 1:00 AM, Tuesday, January 23, 2001
    - Entire excursion takes only 26 hours approximately!

    A rally at noon will precede the March for Life. The rally will take place at a different location this year, on the lawn of the WASHINGTON MONUMENT. The 28th March for Life will step off at 1:00 PM from 15th and Constitution Avenue. The March will proceed along Constitution Avenue, for about 2 and 1/2 miles, east to Capitol Hill and the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Immediately following the March for Life, the Erie marchers will have opportunities to attend meetings with Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Phil English. Rep. English is planning to provide snacks and beverages. The Erie marchers will board their buses for the return to Erie at 5:00 PM. (The buses will be parked at RFK Stadium, a very brief subway ride to and from the day's activities.)

    Additional Information - Check People for Life

  • Greenville, PA
    For information call Walter Beh at 724-588-3108.

  • Grove City, PA
    For information call Marsha Peck at 724-735-4469.

  • Grove City College
    For information call Julia Yates at 724-458-2563.

  • Hermitage, PA
    For information call Antonietta May at 724-981-6291.

  • Indiana, PA
    Buses will leave the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church on Jan 22 at 6:00 AM and return by 11:00 PM. There will be a stop at the village of Strongstown (about 15 miles east of Indiana). Cost is $18/person with some scholarships available for those needing them. If you cannot go, please consider donating a scholarship for someone who can go. To reserve a seat, or to donate, please contact Ray Micco at 724-463-0779 or email at

  • Johnstown, PA
    Citizens Concerned for Human Life will leave St. Stephen's at 7:00 AM on Jan 22. Cost: $20/person, or $10 for students and children. Call Father Larry at 814-539-6334.

    Oakland UMC will make vans available. Call the office for seat cost and reservations at 814-269-3678. You may drive yourself and follow along if you desire.

  • McKeesport, PA
    The Port Vue UMC church van is available. Call John Zimmerman at 412-672-7289 for a seat.

  • Nanty Glo, PA area
    For information call Bill Mehalko at 814-749-8839.

  • New Castle, PA
    The bus leaves at 12:02 AM and returns by midnight on Jan 22. Cost: $24/person. Contact Jean Rogan at 724-652-9209 or Diane Marcella at 412-658-8662.

Sanctity of Life TV Specials

For those who live in western and central Pennsylvania, parts of Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland and are able to receive the telecasts of Cornerstone Television which is based in the Pittsburgh area, the following programs will be aired to heighten awareness of the crucial issue of life and the need to protect the unborn in our nation.

  • January 12 - Friday
    8:30 PM - Almost Born - Documenatry presents clear evidence on partial birth abortions

  • January 14 - Sunday
    1:00 PM - Life Talk - RU-486 - Discussion of the European abortion drug. Also airs Monday, January 15th, at 9:00 PM and Tuesday, January 16th, at 12:30 PM

  • January 15 - Monday
    12:00 PM - Why Can't We Love Them Both - "Pro-Choice" rhetoric
    6:00 PM - We're All God's Children - Peer pressure to seek an abortion
    6:30 PM - A Better Way - Host Pat Boone discusses options other than abortion

  • January 16 - Tuesday
    12:30 PM - Ultrasound - A Window to the Womb - Ultrasound images of life before birth
    10:00 PM - The Missing Place - Christian media personality meets the daughter she gave up for adoption

  • January 17 - Wednesday
    12:00 PM - Light of Life: The Carol Everett Story - Working in the abortion industry
    6:00 PM - We'll Stand Up for You - Shannon finds she is pregnant, and tells her story so that no other woman will face this struggle
    6:30 PM - Abortion Methods and Risks - The two most common abortion procedures (check TV schedule for this program to be sure of the time of airing).

  • January 18 - Thursday
    12:30 PM - The Silent Scream - What takes place during an abortion

Attention Western PA United Methodists!

Any W. PA United Methodists who wish to march together as a group, please meet at the corner of 14th and Madison Drive by noon on Jan 22nd. This is one block from the Ellipse on the Mall. Look for a large blue banner which reads, "W. PA UM'S for Life!

ALSO, if you are in DC by 9:30 AM on Jan 22, you may want to go to the Lifewatch Service at Simpson Chapel in the U.M. Building at 100 Maryland Ave. NE, which is located across the street from the US Supreme Court Building. Stay after the March for the Reception at 3:00 PM and the Board meeting at 3:30 PM.

Compiled by C. D. Harriger beginning January 2, 2001
Email at

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