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"Thy Will Be Done"

The background for the Prayer Room is adapted from a painting entitled, "Thy Will Be Done," by Christian artist, Danny Hahlbohm.

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Hello - Theo here to welcome you to the Circuit Rider's Prayer Room. The Prayer Room has been "remodeled" -- it will be expanded to include prayer examples and expressions, as well as challenges to pray from the Scriptures. To begin with, you are asked to consider life's most important question and whether or not you have resolved that question. After that you will see an expressed prayer of confession and intent to repent. Do you agree, at least a little bit, that as individuals and as a collective body making up a nation that we need to pray seriously about these matters? As time moves along other items will be added to the Prayer Room. You are invited to return from time to time and to share this address with others.

September 23, 2003 -- As you know, Iraq has become nothing less than a quagmire so far as our involvement is concerned. At this point in time, President Bush wants the United Nations to help out in this mess -- much could be said, but more importantly as spelled out below, the greatest challenge of all is for citizens of the United States to seek the mercy of God in a true spirit of repentance and this includes political and religous leaders -- time will tell whether this will actually happen!

April 1, 2003 -- We are now in a war with Iraq -- predictions as to length of this vary from a few days to a longer period of time. Meanwhile there has been an appeal for prayer -- mainly it is an appeal that God will bless our nation in this conflict and all that are somehow involved it it -- rarely, if ever, do you see mention made that we (the USA) should do some soul searching as to where we are at in our moral and spiritual standing with the God to Whom our prayers are directed. Look below at the issue of what is needed to bring our nation to the place where it is indeed a "nation under God."

Life's Most Important Question - Have You Got the Answer?

The most important question each human being must deal with in his or her lifetime is the question of relating to and being accepted by God -- tons and tons of speculation have accumulated on this down through the history of the human race, but fortunately there has been a crystal clear revelation (the Holy Scriptures) given to us which has swept away the cobwebs of all human speculation -- a simple prayer of repentance will result in peace, confidence, and hope for the future -- a future that involves not just a few years of time, but the incomprehensible realm of eternity! If you are unsure of how it is between you and God, see

How to Become a Christian

A Prayer That the United States Might Truly
Become "One Nation Under God"

Gracious and merciful heavenly Father:

We are totally unworthy to look up and name Your holy Name upon our lips.

Only through Your Son, Jesus, are we able to approach you and hope to receive mercy.

We confess we have absolutely no excuse for our many transgressions which we have committed against you as individuals. We have also been guilty of agreeing with one another in sinning against you and admit that our corporate violations of Your holy standards are many -- we indeed are a wicked nation, and are deserving of Your judgment and wrath as much as the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah when they had grievously sinned against you by rejecting your holy laws and refused to repent of their sins, when called upon to do so by Your holy prophets whom You sent to warn them.

We are guilty of:

    presumption of the first magnitude -- we carelessly use phrases such as "God bless America!" or "May God continue to bless America!" and take for granted that You will comply with every request and act upon every desire we express, including giving us victory over our enemies, even as we continue as a nation to transgress your holy laws, and exhibit a proud spirit when we engage in conflict -- we refuse to express our need to be totally dependent upon you and obedient to the revelation you have given to us through your Word and the teachings of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

    making for ourselves a host of false gods which take the form of money, material objects, entertainment, activities, and famous persons -- to these we give more affection and attention than we do to You, our Creator, Who gives us life, breath, and all things. With shame we confess that on that one day each week wherein we have the opportunity to publicly assemble together, acknowledge You, and faithfully worship You, the vast majority of us chooses to use that day in pursuit of business interests, entertainment, sporting events, and the passions and lusts of the flesh.

    trusting in our own resources -- our falsely assumed "wealth" and abundance of material goods -- our science and technology -- our military might -- our foolishness in believing we can govern and order our lives by human effort alone -- all these have become the center of our national confidence rather than You Who through Your Son, Jesus, have made available to us forgiveness, peace, and confidence for the future.

    sanctioning massive violations of your laws regarding Your sacred gift of sexuality to us -- fornication, adultery, incest, sodomy/lesbianism, bestiality, rape, and predatory actions are common in our nation and many of these are even practiced and promoted by famous and influential persons throughout our nation -- all this has spawned a multi-million dollar industry that thrives on sexual immorality with little or no resistance.

    willfully destroying thousands of unborn children each week -- and this abomination has not just the sanction of a number of those who govern us but also those who are a part of what professes to be Your church -- further, we even encourage this practice as the best way to resolve what we regard as "problem pregnancies" -- and worst of all, in our blindness and hardness of heart, we have failed to grasp the truth that You have a wonderful plan for every conceived human being -- because of our actions that plan has been destroyed for millions of human beings.

    stressing "constitutional rights" above your moral laws for human behavior and relationships -- our failure so often on the part of our leaders and judges to realize that our constitution does not exempt us from responsibility to honor You as God and to fully comply to Your moral laws.

    permitting the ongoing existence of those enterprises which produce sounds and images under the guise of entertainment which poison and deaden the minds, consciences, and spirits of young and old alike, including many of us who profess to be Your people -- we have become a generation with values that are identical to those generations living at the time of Noah and that which existed at the time of Lot when he lived in the city of Sodom.

Those of us who claim to be a part of that which professes to be Your

church and followers of Your Son, Jesus, are also guilty of many transgressions which include:

    our unwillingness to believe your revelation and that it means precisely what is stated -- specifically we have tolerated within our ranks those who:

      deny Your creative acts and other numerous details of Your works as revealed in the inspired record which You have given to us.

      teach that the boundaries You have established for sexual experience and expression (that is, within the bond of marriage between one male and one female) are not really so, and these have advocated and encouraged sexual behavior which you have explicitly labeled as an abomination.

      teach that Your Son's miraculous birth did not happen, that He did not perform the many miracles attributed to Him, that His death on the cross for the sins of the entire human race was not necessary (that is, other religious expressions have valid claims concerning purpose, hope, and destiny of us humans), that His literal resurrection from the dead did not happen and is not really important, and that His personal return to this planet is not really going to take place.

      spend time, effort, and financial resources to promote the name of a denomination rather than taking seriously the parting command of Your Son to go into all the world and teach the people about Him and the salvation He has made possible for everyone.

    Further, we who profess to be Your people have been guilty of being a duplicate of Your church in ancient Laodicea -- we have become lukewarm and self satisfied -- and have failed to realize we are miserable, poor, blind, and naked and stand in need of repentance and healing.

    We have failed to establish our priorities -- we have not considered the discipline of spending time in prayer and the study of Your Word every day to be very important and are too often guilty of neglecting these practices and are poverty stricken in spirit.

    And as a people who claim to be members of Your church we have failed to impact our nation by refusing to speak up and take action when having the opportunity to do so -- we have failed to be the "salt" and the "light" which Jesus said we should be.

For all these sins -- these many transgressions of which we are most guilty, we humbly ask that in mercy You would forgive us and lead us in total repentance that we may truly forsake all sin, experience healing within ourselves and throughout our nation, and provide unmistakable evidence that we truly are "one nation under God."

In Jesus' Name, for His sake, and for His glory do we pray.


There are many reasons as stated above as to why we should be in a spirit of remorse and regret in this nation at the present time, but one of the greatest is described in By the Way, Did You Know? - use return feature on your web browser to come back here to the Prayer Room.

For more on REAL AGGRESSIVE praying against the satanic powers and their human instruments, go to south side of Circuit Rider's Prayer Boot Camp -- a reminder, we are in a war, which many a professing Christian seems to forget all too easily! Use return feature on your web browser to return here.

Another challenge -- dare to be a Daniel -- here was a man who was brutally honest when it came to national sins -- read his confession in Daniel 9 in the Old Testament -- if he were living as a citizen of the USA today, would he change any words in his prayer? Just something to sleep on, citizens -- you who desire that God will bless the USA!

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