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Well, it got to be almost a "knock down and drag out" deal -- no, I'm not referring to those "professional" wrestlers who can put on quite a show, but to that thing known as Election 2000! As we eventually learned in mid December, George Bush emerged as the declared winner.Although in another area, it is maintained that some other persons were the REAL winners -- if you haven't done so, you can take a look into Sweet, Sweet Memories of Election 2000! -- just use the reverse on your web browser to come back here. This area will be devoted in times ahead to the unfolding of happenings related to the Bush administration.

The White House - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - DC

Here is the link by which you can check in at the White House,
get updated information on President Bush, V. President Cheney, etc.
For making contact with the president or vice president, go to
email President Bush and express your concerns and words of
encouragement to a man who is in a very tough situation!

If you haven't seen it yet, be aware that George Bush has inherited some things from Bill Clinton -- and, no, it's not a few million dollars! See it at
Presidential Inheritance!

Oh -- one thing not mentioned there is the fact that the Clinton's bequeathed to George and Laura Bush a stripped Air Force One (they did leave the engines intact!) and a trashed and vandalized White House! A further indication of the kind of people they are, and they complained when some people talked about high moral and ethical standards, etc!

For the Record
NOTE: The Mainstream Media didn't get around to reporting this stuff!
  • Counties won by Bush: 2,434
    Counties won by Gore: 677

  • Population of counties won by Bush: 143 million
    Population of counties won by Gore: 127 million

  • Square miles of counties won by Bush: 2,427,039
    Square miles of counties won by Gore: 580,134

  • Growth of counties (1990-1999) won by Bush: 14 per cent
    Growth of counties (1990-1999) won by Gore: 5 per cent

  • States won by Bush: 31
    [This includes Florida which will likely be disputed over the next 4 years when things begin to heat up for Election 2004 -- especially when at this stage we have 2 media idols as potential Democratic candidates in the persons of Al Gore and Mrs. William Clinton, the junior senator from NY]
    States won by Gore: 29

    And now for a most remarkable finding!!!

  • Average murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by Bush: 2.1
    Average murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore: 13.2

    Staff on The Federalist did some interesting research and came up with the fact that the disparate murder rates cited above are very likely due the matter of private ownership of guns -- yes, I went said the vulgar "G" word -- GUNS! Gun ownership in the counties won by Mr. Bush is much higher than in the counties won by Mr. Gore!

    Again, much appreciation to Professor Olson and the staff of The Federalist for providing some most interesting information -- the kind that can add ulcers to the stomachs of liberals and their media culture puppets!

Bush Administration Appointees

  • September 20, 2001 - In an address to Congress and the nation, President Bush announced the appointment of Penna. Governor, Tom Ridge, to a high profile cabinet rank post of Secretary of Homeland Security.
  • Secretary of State - Colin Powell, retired Army General and a Democrat
  • National Security Advisor - Dr. Condoleezza Rice (will be attending Cabinet meetings but will not have cabinet rank, according to GWB)
  • Counselor to the President - Karen Hughes
  • White House Counsel - Albert R. Gonzales, Texas Supreme Court justice
  • Secretary of Commerce - Donald Evans, business executive and longtime associate
  • Secretary of Agriculture - Ann Veneman, California agriculture director
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Mel Martinez, a county commissioner in Florida
  • Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency - Christie Whiteman, Governor of New Jersey
  • Chairman, Republican National Committee - James Gilmore, Governor of Virginia
  • Attorney General - John Ashcroft, Missouri senator who was defeated in last November election by a dead man! (And the intelligence of some Florida voters was questioned???)
      Whew! What a change in the Department of Justice -- it is likely no more children will be BBQed! (memories of Waco, Texas) and we can rest a little easier knowing it is unlikely that government goons with automatic weapons will break into our homes looking for small children (the Elian caper!). No buckets for tears were needed when J. Reno left the DOJ during January 2001!
  • Director of Office of Management & Budget - Mitch Daniels, former political director under Ronald Reagan and a drug company executive
  • Secretary of Health & Human Services - Tommy Thompson, Governor of Wisconsin
  • Secretary of Defense - Donald Rumsfeld, who held that position 25 years ago under President Ford -- he has held positions in four Republican administrations in the past
  • Secretary of Education - Rod Paige, Superintendent of Schools in Houston
  • Secretary of Interior - Gale Norton, former Colorado Attorney General
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Anthony Prinicipi, former deputy in Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Secretary of Transportation - Norman Mineta, a Democrat, who set conditions before accepting the position, including the choosing of his own subordinates
  • Energy Secretary - Spencer Abraham, recent defeated senator from Michigan
  • Secretary of Labor - Elaine Chao, former deputy Transportation Secretary, and director of the Peace Corps - married to Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-KY
  • Senior Advisor & Assistant to the President - Karl Rove, who was Bush's chief campaign strategist
  • Head of Federal Emergency Management Agency - Joe Allbaugh
  • U.S. Trade Representative - Robert Zoellick who served in former Republican administrations at the State and Treasury departments

    Hughes, Rove, and Allbaugh have become known as the "iron triangle" -- all 3 are close long-time aides who helped guide Bush to the presidency.

Interesting quote as appointments began to be made: “In Washington, Democrats said that with each new appearance by Bush, they become more concerned he is following what they called ‘a Ronald Reagan model’ of recruiting conservative Democrats to support GOP programs.”

Quote is from article by Dana Milbank and Mike Allen of The Washington Post on 00-12-16

Well, well, well - how long do you think it will be before the knives are unsheathed by the Demos and the media folks who are still in mourning for their defeated “savior,” one named Al Gore?

How about that? It didn't take long, did it? Some Democrats, headed up by Teddy (Chappa something or other) Kennedy, along with media folks were frothing at the mouth like mad dogs and going after John Ashcroft with an unprecedented vengeance -- but then, that's not surprising is it? Being foreigners to what real ethics and morality are all about, anyone representing Judeo/Christian standards will be attacked by that crowd! Uh, apologies to all mad dogs for the insult by comparing the Kennedy breed of politician and media hatchet people to them!

However, Kennedy & Co. are being sent a personal letter on the Ashcroft "unholy war" in which they engaged -- each of the infamous "42" Democrats will be receiving one personally -- take a look at

Letter to the "42" Senatorial Conspirators!

Another September 11, 2001 -- terrorists attack the United States by turning commercial airliners into missles which struck the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and another airliner that did not reach the terrorists' intended target crashed into a rural area in south central Pennsylvania -- perhaps the latter was due to some passengers overpowering the highjackers when they learned by cell phone conversations what had already happened in New York and Washington.

Anyway, there was not been such a rallying and unifying within the government, especially Congress, since the days of WW II. The stress now is on NOT being Democrats or Republicans, but Americans! Too bad it takes such a tragedy as this to bring the elected officials together isn't it? Now -- how long will it last as we struggle with overwhelming debt added, and massive layoffs, especially in the airline industry due to what has happened, plus other economic ripple effects?

Can Bush Undo the Clinton/Gore Avalanche? -- perhaps the biggest challenge any new president has ever had -- can he do it?


George W. Bush -- A Josiah in Modern Garb Perhaps?

How About a Little Food for Thought?
On November 7, 2000, citizens of the United States voted to elect a new president -- as you well remember, chaos became the order of the day as Florida was forced into "selective" ballot recounting amid all kind of reports of irregularities, accusations, and statements from anyone who could get his/her mouth near a microphone and a TV camera, especially on CNN (Clinton News Network)! Reports dramatically indicated not the best of reactions from foreign nations and impressions from across the oceans about what went on! Perhaps the drama was well summarized in the efforts of the TV media in its rabid frenzy to capture the most viewing audience panned some spectators which included one holding a sign that said, "I'm with stupid!" -- it wasn't clear if that individual's sign was referring to the media, one of Gore's lawyers, or one of the judges in this event which would make the traditional and proverbial "Chinese fire drill" seem quite orderly and sane by way of comparison!

A lot of publicity has been given to an actor by the name of Jim Carrey in grotesque green make up and a movie about How the Grinch Stole Christmas -- for a time it appeared that he might possibly have been replaced by a new grinch named Al Gore who, along with his menagerie of trial lawyers, put on a brazen effort to steal the 2000 presidential election! Finally, as the battle of the "supremes" ran its course, Al Gore finally gave a kind of concession speech, G. W. Bush becane known as "President-elect" Bush, and the media folks are busy with their own brand of "spinning" and speculating, one question is this -- how long will it be until the "sour grapes" comments will begin to surface that G.W.B. was the one who "stole" the election and instead of Gore, G. W. will become the political "Grinch?" In the area of Johnstown PA it's already started -- read George Bush - commander in thief!

Could Ezekiel 22:4,5 have a bit of meaning in all the chaos that took place and even in times to come as G. W. and Laura Bush settle in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Clinton "stains" will be hard to remove -- that expression not limited to White House intern situations!

"You have become guilty by the blood which you have shed, and have defiled yourself with the idols which you have made. You have caused your days to draw near, and have come to the end of your years; therefore I have made you a reproach to the nations, and a mockery to all countries. Those near and those far from you will mock you as infamous and full of tumult."

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