Mr. President, We Need to Get Our Own House in Order First!

Mr. President, We Need to Get Our Own House in Order First!

[An open letter to President Bush and Vice President Cheney]
Note: copies are being sent to the President and V. President on a regular basis.
Plus copies to members of Congress and other persons, including a number of church leaders.

The "copies" of the letter to the president and vice president are now being sent to United Methodist bishops in letters personally addressed to each of them by name. Other church group leaders will be receiving copies as well. Also members of mass media outlets such as TV, newspapers, news magazines, etc. are being sent copies. Elected officials at both federal and state levels are included in the mailings. Eventually I hope to also send copies to members of the entertainment industries -- movie, TV, etc. -- cdh

March 9, 2002
[This was first date the letter was sent --
updated copies are sent about once a week since that time --
and additional comments made in light of Bush's remarks on
the 9-11 anniversaries, the United States' "war of liberation"
with Iraq, and the presidential election of 2004!]

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Vice President:

This is to warn you that time is running out for this country and unless appropriate actions are taken very soon, unprecedented disaster is going to take place at the hands of the God Whom we as a republic claim to trust as inscribed on coins and currency. Time after time we so casually throw out the expression, "God bless America!" You as elected officials have been at the forefront in doing this. God has been speaking and calling our nation, its elected officials, its religious leaders, and us citizens to repent of all personal and corporate sins. It requires much humility and soul searching on the part of each one of us. In very dramatic fashion we have been pounding nails into the "coffin" of our republic by our defiance of Almighty God's laws and standards -- see Driving the Final Nails! at

It can be seriously questioned as to how God can bless this nation when:

    we have sanctioned the violent destruction of over 47.8 million unborn children since the infamous Supreme Court decision of January 1973! You and your administration have made no serious effort to stop the progression of the U.S. holocaust! At a frustrating news conference on March 21, 2006 you said you would not forget the loss of innocent lives on September 11, 2001. Why do you not consider the tragic and intentional deaths of thousands of innocent unborn children each week in this country? And why do you not aggressively do something to end this slaughter as you have aggressively taken action to pursue the "War on Terrorism?" See President Bush's "Selective" War Against Terrorism!

    we pointed a judgmental finger at Saddam Hussein and his leaders accusing them of unspeakable cruelty to the Iraqi people which has been very well documented following our lightning-quick "victory" over the Iraqi military forces, but we have failed to honestly look at and drastically change our own unique brand of cruelty here at home! On September 7, 2003 in an address to the nation you said, "In Iraq, we are helping the long suffering people of that country to build a decent and democratic society at the center of the Middle East. Together we are transforming a place of torture chambers and mass graves into a nation of laws and free institutions. This undertaking is difficult and costly -- yet worthy of our country, and critical to our security." But there has been no effort to prevent well over a million human wombs in this country from becoming death chambers for unborn children each year! Note the total number of unborn victims brutally mutilated and murdered in the womb in the United States beginning with March 19, 2003 when we started "liberating" Iraqi citizens from the cruelty of Saddam Hussein:

    Unborn Children Brutally
    Mutilated & Murdered in USA

    since USA started "liberating" Iraq
    from the brutality of Saddam Hussein

    March 19 2003

    Watch this for about 60 to 90 seconds
    and see what happens!

    [Note to reader: the above table isn't included in the letter to the president, but the number of victims is quoted on the day the letter is sent, whatever that number may be at the time.]

    we have increasingly condoned within state and church the abomination of sodomite/lesbian lifestyles! We now are being pressured to accept a redefinition of marriage, family and human sexuality in blatant defiance as to how Almighty God our Creator has clearly defined the boundaries for all human relationships. You and your administration have given your approval to this unholy trend by appointing open and avowed sodomites to high level positions, such as the one who was appointed to be the ambassador to Romania!

    we have a pornography industry growing without serious restraint like a raging cancer out of control coupled with TV, movie and music industries which spew out cesspool quality moral and ethical standards! These are sowing seeds of destruction resulting in a harvest with which we will be totally unprepared to confront in the future. We not only destroy our young while in the womb, but the survivors are destroyed by the aforementioned industries with little or no objection from elected leaders, and all this in the name of First Amendment rights. See Imploding Our Culture by Destroying the Young!

    we as a nation of people have become so enraptured with our selfish pursuits and interests that we literally have established our own brand of idols far beyond anything conceived by the ancient Romans and Greeks! See Popular Deities of American Culture!

    we as a nation of people cannot get the majority of our people into a place of worship on that one day of the week set apart for one primary purpose. And that is that this God Whom we expect to bless us and give us victory over our enemies might be publicly recognized, honored and truly worshipped as He expects a nation which professes trust in Him to do!

Again, the critical question -- how can we really expect God to bless us so long as present spiritual, moral and ethical conditions remain unchanged as they are?

There are bitter lessons from out of the past which pointedly remind us that the blessing of God must not be taken for granted.

The ancient people of Israel lapsed into a panic state of unbelief just as they were about to enter the promised land of Canaan. God's response was a judgment call informing them that they would continue to wander in the wilderness until the faithless adult generation died off and the young would eventually occupy the land of promise. But this revelation was not accepted and defiantly they tried to invade the land only to be soundly defeated -- the blessing of God had been withdrawn! See Bible record in Numbers 14.

Centuries later the ancient kingdom of Judah had lapsed into a state of disobedience in relation to the God in Whom it professed to have faith. They were warned that to attempt to resist the threatened Babylonian invasion would be futile. God's word through Jeremiah the prophet was very clear on the issue:

"For though you had defeated the whole army of the Chaldeans who fight against you, and there remained only wounded men among them, they would rise up, every man in his tent, and burn the city with fire."
Jeremiah 37:10 NKJV

Consequently, the kingdom was totally destroyed with the proud city of Jerusalem and its magnificent temple lying in ruins -- a very shocking reminder that the blessing of God no longer rested on the nation as it had in the earlier years of Judah's history. Uh….is it possible though only a ragtag band of "terrorists" remain, even they might rise up and do great destruction in the "land of the free and the home of the brave?"

So, Mr. President and Mr. Vice President, you do have extensive influence in these matters -- you can speak up and admonish -- you can initiate action in a number of situations -- you can seek to fill all positions with persons who indeed fear and respect God and His revealed truth on spiritual, moral and ethical responsibility.

A few brave governing leaders in the past have done it in order to insure that the blessing of God upon the nation was a positive reality and in times of conflict victory over enemies was absolutely guaranteed!

It appeared at first that we seemed to have run in juggernaut fashion over Iraq in the spring of 2003 but now our presence there resembles more of a quagmire, which prompts the asking of a most important question -- in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary would you still dare to say, "God bless America -- the victory over our enemies will always be absolutely guaranteed in the future, no matter who they are or where they are!"?

Still contending at
Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor
Elder in W. PA Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
and presently pastor of
Gipsy Christian Church
Gipsy PA

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