Weapons of Mass Destruction? Why Does Bush Not Include ALL of Them?

Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Why Does Bush Not Include ALL of Them?

President Bush has been on a crusade to convince everyone everywhere that Saddam H. is the number one "bad guy" in the world and has all kinds of "weapons of mass destruction" -- hence, the need to take aggressive military action if necessary to put this guy out of business -- and then, as of the week of October 20, 2002, it was learned that North Korea is doing a bit of dabbling in the nuclear weapons department and has no intention of keeping an agreement signed years ago during the Clinton administration (why is that not surprising to some of us?) -- it is also interesting that Bush doesn't say anything about China which has a few blow-em-to-pieces gadgets of their own -- maybe he doesn't want to disrupt the flood flow of goods coming from that country which we are spending big bucks on! Could it be that we are paying the Chinese for the rope with which they hope to hang us!!

Have you looked over the merchandise lately in just about any store, flipped it over and noted where it's made?

ANYWAY, on the issue -- Bush limits himself to defining "weapons of mass destruction" as being nuclear, chemical, or biological. At times he displays a paranoid personality with insistence that Saddam is the guy we have to take out -- ever notice how silent he is about his buddy Saudis who have been throwing some bucks into this terrorist quagmire? And that's been rather well documented!!

The president has been definitely tight lipped with not a tiny peep let out about our own "weapons of mass destruction" -- no, I don't mean our own ample supply of nukes and whatever stuff, chemical, or otherwise we may have -- I mean those kind which have wiped out millions of persons over recent years within the borders of the "land of the free, and the home of the brave!"

We're talking "tools" and "machines" that violently assault, dismember, and murder unborn children in the womb! And all with Supreme Court, Congressional, some church, and citizens' approval! Ah, ah -- don't object now -- this grisly practice has the blessing of legitimate law -- a "constitutional right" for a woman who so desires to destroy her unborn child! And it is a very profitable "business" for certain "doctors" and owners of certain "clinics."

While the president raves on and on about Saddam and his "weapons of mass destruction," take a look at our impressive national "record" below which will give you an idea as to how the USA's bloody track record is steadily increasing with hardly the blink of an eye on the part of a majority of U.S. citizens and their political and church leaders -- just pause for about 60 to 90 seconds and watch the little number cruncher shown below -- it keeps a running tally as to the number of "victims" due to the activities of those unique American brand of "terrorists" who have in their possession "weapons of mass destruction" and who adorn themselves in white coats and on one side of those coats in the chest area will be a name, followed by the initials M.D.! In this case the initials "M.D." are used very, very loosely!

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

And so, the next time you hear the term, "weapons of mass destruction," just remember that President Bush has not touched upon those which have already wiped out millions in our own land, and it is painfully obvious that he has absolutely no intention of eliminating those! Ah, you would agree would you not, that these instruments qualify to be tagged as "weapons of mass destruction" since according to the number above we now qualify for being guilty of the mass murders of "tens of millions" of children destroyed in the womb since January of 1973 -- that is "mass destruction" wouldn't you say?

Think about it, if you dare -- and even more, pray that God in His infinite wisdom and power will do whatever necessary to wake this country up and cause it and its leaders to take a good look at ALL weapons of mass destruction within the borders of this nation which makes a hypocritical claim of being "one nation under God!"

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