Letter to News Media People -- Questions About the Foci of Their Reporting, etc!

Letter to News Media People --
Questions About the Foci of Their Reporting, etc!

Hello, there! Theo, administrative assistant on Circuit Rider's Range, here to let you know that my boss, CDH (alias Circuit Rider), has sent a letter to some news media people, beginning with a local newspaper and television stations in the area where he lives. Copies will be sent to other news outlets from time to time. As you will see from reading the letter, the primary question centers on why there is no reporting of the widespread atrocities which take place on American soil by the thousands each week of the year.

Want to guess what response these people will make -- that is, if they make one at all? The picture you see below in the middle of the letter was also included. It is the same one which has been sent to President Bush and other elected officials.

Do you suppose this is one they will hastily file in the traditional "round file" as quickly as possible?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Name of media person
Steet Address
City and Zip Code

Dear Mr. (or Ms.) _______:

You people in the news media culture have again demonstrated the traditional "broken record" theme in your handling of such matters as Iraqi prisoner abuse, the gruesome details of the beheading of Nicholas Berg, and more recently the beheading of Paul Johnson. Many of us are aware that there is intense competition in the news media world and the stakes are high in terms of generated revenue -- and if you can out-shock your competitors in terms of material reported, then it means more bucks in the pocket of the one who comes out ahead of all the others who are playing the game!

A question for you to consider -- if you really want to shock the whole country, how about showing a picture that illustrates the atrocities taking place on a daily basis within the borders of a nation that claims to be "under God" and which professes to "trust" in God as inscribed on coins and currency?

After all, do you in the news media culture not claim to be "unbiased" and that your responsibility is to provide the "truth" in regard to significant happenings around the country and around the world? Would you not agree that it is most significant that the number of victims of the United States' version of "holocaust" is now fast approaching 44 million since January 1973?

And finally, another question -- you may have to wait a while before answering this due to a lack of really knowing what you will do at the time -- just how will you report God's response to our unique "holocaust" when it becomes horribly real that He has indeed taken action in response to our abominable practice? And I'd rule out a personal interview with Him as to why He is taking such judgmental action!

Still contending at www.crrange.com

Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor

A P.S. on this -- the above letter was sent on the date it was written with copies going to local media outlets -- in the future, other media people will be receiving copies. Think for a moment -- is it not more than a tad hypocritical that the mass media people don't publish photos such as the one sent to them and also to President Bush and inform this nation as to the brutality and murder which goes on every week day in the "land of the free and the home of the brave?" Below you will see the latest tally of murdered innocent "victims" in the U.S.A. since January 22, 1973 -- another date which will "live in infamy," and which will powerfully eclipse December 7, 1941!

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

June 22, 2004

Clayton D. Harriger
Elder in Full Connection
Western PA Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
and presently serving as pastor of
Gipsy Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Gipsy PA

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The above poster is copyrighted by The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and is used with these folks' permission. You can visit them at Center for Bio-Ethical Reform to better inform yourself of the significant work they are doing in the Genocide Awareness Project.

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