Inviting God's Judgment by Pandemic Sexual Immorality! !

Inviting God's Judgment
Pandemic Sexual Immorality!!

To say that we are living in times heavily saturated with sex and the myriad ways by which it is being expressed and experienced is an understatement of the first magnitude.

It is virtually impossible to go through a day without being exposed to images and language which bluntly remind us that God's sacred gift of sexuality has been disgraced, distorted, abused, misused, and perverted!

Humans have consistently demonstrated their exceptional ability to take something holy and sacred given by a loving Creator and turn it into a most unholy, repugnant, and destructive thing!

We become aware in our young years that there is something in our physical being that begins to awaken -- sexual desires crave fulfillment as do our desires to have water, food, comfort, protection, and pleasurable experiences in life.

God has fully disclosed the standards by which all humans are to relate to Him and to each other in the full range of possible experiences. In addition, He has provided the perfect cure for the root problem of sin which is resident in the nature of every human being. This cure can only be experienced through an act of repentance from all sin of which one is guilty and receiving Jesus Christ into one's life as Savior and Lord in an act of faith.

God has left no room for doubt in regard to what is acceptable as well as unacceptable sexual behavior. The boundary lines have been distinctly drawn with sexual activity only permitted within the marriage covenant existing between a husband and wife. Sexual expression and experience taking place outside the marriage bond is explicitly forbidden and harshly condemned!

The "no-no" list of forbidden sexual activities as clearly revealed by God include:

    fornication = sexual activity between an unmarried male and an unmarried female

    adultery = sexual activity between a male and a female, with one or both of these persons being married to another partner

    incest = sexual activity between immediate family members such as parents with children, siblings with each other, uncles and aunts with nephews and nieces, etc.

    bestiality = sexual activity with animals

    sodomy and lesbianism = sexual activity involving members of the same sex, males with males and females with females

    rape = the forcing of another person to engage in sexual activity against his or her will

One can search the Scriptures from Genesis 1 all the way through to the last chapter in the Bible, Revelation 22, and you will never find any approval given to such activities nor are they ever presented in a positive light, and this includes the growing social approval in our present day world of the practices of sodomy and lesbianism! The Bible records historical events of sexual immorality in some form or other and it likewise notes tragic results taking place from such activities.

Never in the history of the republic of the United States has there been a time in which God's standards regarding sexual conduct have been so massively and intentionally rejected within a culture that now numbers 300 million or more people. The avenues through which we U.S. citizens are urged to be a "free spirit" and voraciously partake of today's "sexual buffet" are beyond human comprehension!

Here are some of those "avenues" which promote the rejection of God's standards concerning human sexuality:

    The Hollywood/TV industries in which high profile people set an alley cat moral example for the young and frequently conceive children out of wedlock. They play at marriage in much the same way as people play the old parlor game of musical chairs.

    The Hollywood/TV industries in their days of infancy produced material that was for the most part morally healthy, free of profanity, and free of excessive slow motion violence. Now anything goes with graphic displays of nudity, immoral activity, excessive and very graphic violence, and a full range of profane language including the infamous "f" word!

    The brainwashing of the young through a "Trojan Horse" tactic in the guise of sex and social "education." In far too many cases the young are simply encouraged in the mechanics of sexual activity with an emphasis on being "safe" when you decide it's time to get sexually active -- it seems the age for this "sexual activity" is getting lower and lower as time moves along. Schools render assistance by dispensing condoms to students who request them with the advantage that parents will not be informed.

    Also, it has been documented that Planned Parenthood has assisted in arranging for abortions to be performed on pregnant students without the parents being notified. Pregnancy is one of the undesired by-products of loose moral standards, but we have any number of "killing chambers" scattered throughout the country to take care of that problem -- after all, it is a "constitutional right" to brutally mutilate and murder an unborn child, is it not? Even some church leaders go right along with such a philosophy!

    The brainwashing is carried a step further by the introduction of materials promoting the acceptance of sodomy and lesbianism. Through such materials young students are told that the practicing of sodomy and lesbianism is good and such behavior is just as normal as the marriage relationship of a husband and wife. At this young and tender age children learn that in some "families" there may be 2 "daddys" or 2 "mommies!" So if little John has 2 "daddys" or 2 "mommies" that is no different than little Susie having a mommy and a daddy in her family!

    In God's revelation to us we are told at the very beginning that a man would leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and the two of them would become "one flesh." God's definition of marriage always has been one man married to one woman and as children are conceived and born, the couple with the children will then comprise a social unit (or cultural building block) known as family. This was not always carefully observed. The Old Testament era reveals high profile individuals who took to themselves a number of wives and concubines. Many children were born into these situations with a common result being some form of conflict, heartache, and painful sorrow.

    Biblical history provides all the shocking details necessary when it comes to examples of the rejection of God's will as it applies to marriage and family. It is quite obvious that as time progressed the human view of sexuality, marriage, and family was diametrically opposed to God's declaration and definition of the same. If anything, it is worse than ever in the good old U.S. of A!

    The "commercialization" of human sexuality:

      "sex sells" -- want to be successful in your business of selling goods and services? Then use scantily dressed (or undressed) young women in your ads. Huge numbers of business enterprises have felt the need to inject sexuality into their strategy of selling products or services whether you are selling toothpaste, soap powder, motor oil, pizza, or advertising your heating and plumbing business!

      pornography comes of age -- graphic pictures and written texts concentrating on sexual activity have been around for a long time, a number of which are on display in museum settings.

      As technology progressed with development of photography, wire and tape recording, motion pictures, video cameras and camcorders, so did the industry that sought to exploit human sexuality make great strides forward as well. Businesses sprang up throughout the country whose sole purpose was the marketing of a variety of literary and visual materials focusing on every conceivable kind of sexual indulgence!

      It was the "icing on the cake" -- a double scoop of "gravy on the potatoes" -- the Portabella mushrooms on the filet mignon -- the long awaited "bonus" -- it was the conquering of the Mt. Everest of human sexuality with the advent of the internet!

      It is not without exaggeration to say that with the rapid expansion of home computer purchases with the fringe benefit of home privacy and the establishment of the internet, "all hell broke loose!"

      As with a fast growing deadly melanoma, so the immoral exploitation of human sexuality quickly became a multi billion dollar business enterprise whose tentacles reached out to persons of all ages through an incalculable number of web sites. For a price, the daily "fare" offered by these sites include:

        the so-called "professionals" -- videos produced by companies featuring "stars" -- individuals who derive income from participating in filmed sexual activity such as fornication, same gender sex, bestiality, etc.

        the "amateurs" with no claim to fame -- no studio production -- just an average "Joe" or "Jane" you find walking down the street who want to make a few bucks by demonstrating a variety of their sexual abilities.

        age specialties -- teens (with claim that all are at least 18 years of age), young adults, mature, and the "granny" age. Yes, persons of all ages are involved in a wide range of sexual experiences which is portrayed on the internet. And there is still the illegal trafficking in child pornography. Once in a while communities will be shaken with the revelation that someone has been apprehended who was involved in child pornography, either the photographing of children in sexual activities or the exchanging of images of the same with other persons over the internet. Strange is it not, that our U.S. culture makes a distinction between what is "legal" and what is "illegal" when it comes to the portraying of sexual activity for public viewing -- do you suppose our interpretation and application of the First Amendment would be somewhat different from God's interpretation of the same?

        the swingers - this "social" practice kicked into high gear in the late '50's in which married couples exchanged partners for an evening of sexual pleasures. A seminary classmate of mine (during years of '63 through '66) told of the shock waves that went through his church and community when it became known that some young married couples in his church were part of a "key club." When the couples got together the car keys were placed in a bowl with husbands or wives drawing a key (other than their own) and then hooked up with the opposite sex owner of the key -- the couple then proceeded to the home of one of the newly formed "partners" for an evening of what was believed to be "sexual heaven!" This incident did not happen in a large city where people were very open and "broad minded" when it comes to sexual mores -- no, this was an event which took place in one of the central plains states in what was considered a "conservative" community and church!

        The swinging lifestyle is heavily promoted on the internet with graphic descriptions as to what takes place and how to get involved. With the help of the Google search engine one can easily locate the "swingers" in one's local area so that it is not necessary to travel long distances in order to frolic in the swinging style of gutter level living. Web sites aggressively press for memberships for a fee and the membership will enable one to make contact with individuals and groups involved in the practice of exchanging partners, or in some cases it becomes an orgy experience with many in the same room just doing "what comes naturally" with each other at the same time!

        the cams -- with the launching of small video "cams" attached to a computer a whole new world opened up for ambitious entrepreneurs. The cam has enabled:

          personal web sites for exhibitionism of nudity and sexual activity by individuals and couples for a subscription price -- e.g. college girls making extra income by going "on camera" and displaying _______________ (you fill in the blank -- just about anything will fit when it comes to what is on display).

          the "spy cams" -- these are small hidden cameras placed in various areas such as bedrooms, college dorm rooms, motel rooms, shower and toilet areas which record the "happenings" in such settings. The "happenings" then end up for viewing on some web site -- the common thread in all this is that one must pay a price as it is with all web sites featuring something to do with human sexuality, no matter how perverted and twisted it may be -- you subscribe for a fee.

        the specialties - the "business" is highly competitive with the recognition that there are a lot of dollars available for the taking, but the problem is this -- how do you beat the competition so that you are getting more money than they? The method seems to involve trying to come up with something no one else has done and then promote it before others begin to duplicate and market the same thing! Consequently the internet sex industry is somewhat like a local library with its books on many different subjects and all classified with the help of the card catalogs. The internet sex industry simply alphabetizes all possible activities as well as descriptions of participants -- e.g. do you prefer a blonde, a brunette, or a red head -- do you prefer a teen or a "mature" -- or maybe a "granny?" Keep in mind that the industry seeks to offer something for everybody, no matter how "kinky" you may be when it comes to the experience of sex -- if somebody in the lower recesses of a high powered perverted imagination has come up with a new "twist" it is probably out there somewhere -- and always available for viewing for a subscription price.

        the predators -- these are a breed of very low life specimans that are on the prowl with the target being a female. The "location" of the activity after making contact may be a van, a stretch limo, a boat, or a bedroom somewhere -- the female is then enticed, bribed, or pressured in some way to engage in sexual activity which is recorded and placed on a web site -- a few seconds of the "action" can be downloaded free, but a subscription must be paid for viewing the whole episode. It is this kind of thing plus a lot of others already mentioned which can easily be accessed by even the very young in age -- filters may stop some of it, but depending on the address and key words used, it is possible for filters to fail to keep this menace from invading the computer of an adult, teenager or elementary age student! But there are many more predators than those just described -- all of them live at such a level that they have to use a high powered telescope to look up and view the naval of a black snake! As an aside here -- yes, black snakes have navals because they bear their young in contrast with some snake species which lay eggs -- I know because I accidentally cut up a big female black snake into lots of pieces while mowing hay on my dad's farm in Clarion County PA when I was just a young guy -- and the snake had a lot of young ones inside her at about the stage of being ready to be born! Now on to this predator epidemic -----

          internet predators -- the chat room is the spawning ground where conversations are intitiated. There is a common thread in this -- some guy makes contact with a young teen (the preferred age it seems) -- sex often becomes topic of discussion -- effort made to make personal contact and engage in sexual activity! Sting operations have snared some of these people, but it is likely just the tip of the ice berg! NBC Dateline has run a series on this, but dismissed very casually by way of explanation as to why they had no women in this operation which "baited" the predators who believed they were going to have sex with a young teen in her home while her parents were away. The explanation was that it is a "man dominated" type of criminal activity and if there are female predators they prefer to operate locally with people they know! How's that for dodging reponsibility to be "fair and unbiased" in your reporting and investigation of serious issues in our culture? One thing you can depend on -- the major TV networks are very consistent in their inconsistency, are they not? Read on to see why.

          predators in the school systems -- a growing menace is the revelation of female teachers going after young males who are in their middle teens and sometimes even younger! WorldNetDaily in a recent issue of their magazine, whistleblower, focused on the problem of the female teachers who are sexually preying on young students. No less than 63 documented cases from different parts of the country were listed with many photos of those female predators displayed. Feeling like you are in a state of shock about now? Let's intensify the shock a bit more:

            Did you know that some judges do not consider statutory rape a crime?

            When 43-year-old teacher Pamela Diehl-Moore tearfully pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old male student, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Bruce A. Gaeta sentenced her to probation, saying: "I really don't see the harm that was done here and certainly society doesn't need to be worried. I do not believe she is a sexual predator. It's just something between two people that clicked beyond the teacher-student relationship. And don't forget, this was mutual consent."

            Did you know that many of the offending teachers don't see anything wrong with what they're doing, and that some actually end up being rewarded for their behavior?

            Mary Kay Letourneau, after serving time in prison for "child rape," got a $200,000 advance on a book deal (titled "Only One Crime, Love"), had a TV movie made about her life, and received a reported $750,000 from a tabloid TV show for the video footage of her 2004 wedding to the schoolboy she had seduced years earlier.


        For NBC Dateline -- are you willing to demonstrate your claim to being "unbiased, fair, and balanced" by tackling the issue of female predators in our culture and do a series as you did with the men, or will it be as I questioned in an email message to you about the matter -- are there some females in the network in high and powerful positions who would put the axe to any possibility of dealing with female sexual predators in our country? Seems that NBC, along with other major networks, is all too willing to make its own contribution to the growing problems of sexual immorality by its style of entertainment which too often features programs laced with acts of sexual immorality, gutter level language, and excessive violence!

        the college and "spring break" sexcapades -- the exploitation of college sexual antics has been aggressively pursued by a large number who are after a fast buck -- it follows that the high profile "spring break" action plus what goes on in the party atmosphere of college and university dormitories, fraternities, and sororities would produce a lot of grist for the "sexual mills" -- all this in turn would be the focus of attention of numerous web sites -- see the future leaders of the nation demonstrating their moral standards for a fee! Some of the aforementioned "predators" also exploit this realm as well -- all it takes is a camera and some booze and/or drugs and you are guaranteed hours of "fun!" Some students in a more honest moment admit that they totally abandon all restraints when it comes to the time for spring break -- high moral standards are most definitely NOT taken along on the trip!

      the "live-in lovers" avenue is heavily traveled -- in fact, the traffic volume is steadily increasing as young males and females decide to set up housekeeping together without getting married! Parents of an older generation voice their objections to this ever increasing practice of "living together" by the younger generation, especially as it involves their son or daughter -- and then the question arises as to what to do when son or daughter brings the "live-in" partner home from college for a visit -- what will the sleeping "arrangement" be? Usually the "old fashioned" folks who are "out of touch" in today's world are told that it's none of their business -- Johnny and Susie have a "good thing" going and the old fogeys should not try to interfere!

      the "dissatisfied" wives looking for a "one night stand" -- a growing number of web sites have one special feature -- females who claim to be married but want to "hook up" with other men in an "uncommitted" situation! One female, claiming to be an "organizer" of such a web site, states that a lot of women have joined her in the quest for greater sexual pleasures -- they are married but they want to meet other men for further adventures. There are biographical sketches along with photos and descriptions of preferences -- it's all there for a price! Aggressive ads encourage you to find out who is "available" in your area and to set up an encounter! Amazing, is it not, that there are people who still ask the question, "Where is this country heading?" The most accurate answer is always the same each time -- "This country is headed for an encounter with Almighty God and none of us will want to be living within the borders of this republic when that encounter takes place!" You can rest assured -- the "encounter" definitely will not be sexual in nature!

    While human history has its low points of sexual immorality, at least some would agree that in our republic at the present time we have reached the bottom of the abyss -- we have gone about as low as it is possible to go -- we can't dig the pit any deeper -- there is no way we can further express as a culture our total rejection of our Creator's guidelines for sane, sensible, and healthy sexual experiences -- and never forget, those experiences are limited to the sacred covenant of marriage between one male and one female! You object to this? Then you'll have to take the issue up with the Creator Himself -- He's the One Who made the rules at the very beginning! A few (maybe a very few) would agree that He Who does the creating has the sole authority to establish what the rules are going to be -- not the created objects! And so we have opted for choices that have significantly contributed to the destruction of past civilizations and we will most assuredly learn too late that we are not an exception to that pattern!

    No Restraints Sex Produces
    An Undesirable Fallout!

    The law of sowing and reaping applies to human sexuality as it does to every other facet of human conduct and relationships. In spite of claiming to be sexually "liberated" and the young being encouraged to practice safe sex, here is what has been happening:

      STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) continue to spread among persons of all ages, and there's a whole gang of these things -- some are incurable and there are the deadly ones such as AIDS and syphilis, an "oldie" which is making a comeback! The Center for Disease Control has interesting and startling information on what is happening in the STD arena in U.S. culture! The shocking revelation has also come out in recent years that many young girls who have loosely engaged in sexual activity have become sterile due to disease which was not diagnosed in earlier stages.

      a totally unacceptable divorce rate, but it continues to escalate anyway with 1 of every 2 marriages ending in divorce. A number are the result of infidelity -- with the "chat room" mess on the internet and web sites featuring married women who desire to have a "sexual encounter" -- just a "one night stand" with some one, why should there be any surprise that the divorce rate continues to accelerate?

      The Barna Research Group has noted that the divorce rate among professing Christians is about the same as that of persons who make no profession of being Christian in their faith and commitment. One of the factors in divorce among the professing Christians is also infidelity -- again, with private access to a host of "chat rooms" in which the subject of discussion is often sexually oriented and tons of material promoting sexual immorality assaulting our senses every day, should we not expect a disasterous outcome?

      The divorce rate results in something else that helps to "grease the skids" of the republic as it slides toward inevitable judgment. That something is the breakdown of the family and the number of "single parent" households increasing as verified by the census statistics which come in each decade.

      Single parent households are also the result of young unmarried females being impregnated by young males with hormones raging with the intensity of an erupting volcano and who are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. It seems almost as nothing that 2, 3 or more young females can point to the same young "stud" with the hormone problem as being the father of their youngsters! The words "commitment" and "moral discipline" are totally without meaning and non existent in the conscience of large numbers of the young as they are pulled out into the sea of hopelessness by the rip tide of sexual immorality!

      Our limited human minds cannot begin to fathom what will happen when the children of the above mentioned young generation begin to reproduce and what the condition of the republic of the United States will be at that time -- that is, if it survives until then!

    For a number of persons, the question (and objection) they raise is this -- "I'm just one person -- this thing is so big and out of control, what can I do -- what's the use in even trying to do anything to change the situation?" See "What Can I Do?" for some possibilities -- use reverse feature on your web browser to come back here.

A Significant Selah Moment!

O LORD, how long shall I cry, and You will not hear? even cry out to You, "Violence!" And You will not save. Why do You show me iniquity, and cause me to see trouble? For plundering and violence are before me; there is strife, and contention arises. Therefore the law is powerless, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds.
Habakkuk 1:2-2 (NKJV)

Hey! Look at the Number
of Unborn Children Brutally
Mutilated & Murdered in USA

since the USA started "liberating" Iraq
from the brutality of Saddam Hussein!

March 19 2003

Watch this for about 60 to 90 seconds
and see what happens!

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness....

It is time for You to act, O LORD, for they have regarded Your law as void. Therefore I love Your commandments more than gold, yes, than fine gold! Therefore all Your precepts concerning all things I consider to be right; I hate every false way.

Romans 1:18; Psalm 119:126-128 NKJV

April 18, 2006
Clayton D. Harriger
Elder in Full Connection
Western PA Annual Conference
The United Methodist Church
and presently pastor of
Gipsy Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Gipsy, PA
AND Non-Affiliated registered voter, Cambria Co. PA

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