A Visit to Circuit Rider's Range -- No One Is Neutral Afterward!

A Visit to Circuit Rider's Range --
No One Is Neutral Afterward!

It's either OR

Hello there! Theo, cdh's Administrative Assistant, here to introduce you to this area of CR's Range. CDH (alias Circuit Rider) regularly receives responses to the web site. As the title suggests, it seems that no one can remain neutral after browsing around a bit at the site -- a visitor either leaves with a sense of excitement at what he/she has read and a resolve to press on in the faith which is centered in Jesus Christ, or fire is issuing forth from the mouth of the visitor and the blood pressure has been raised to a dangerous level! It's a situation between loving and hating the Range and the one who is responsible for launching it on the internet. Emails received clearly reflect this, and so you will find some examples of both in this area. Letters are printed as received with no editing EXCEPT for one exception -- in those cases where profanity was used, only the first letter of the profane word is printed with the others replaced with * -- spelling and grammatical structure are intact as received. Be reminded of the classic definition of profanity -- "Profanity is the effort of a feeble mind trying to express itself forcibly!" Only first names of the writers are used with no email addresses or locations given. The "I Hate Your Guts!" Category is the first, just below. If you want to start with the "other side" first, go to "Thanks and Keep It Up!" Category at Letters without the guns firing!

"I Hate Your Guts!" Category

Here are a few who expressed intense dissatisfaction with material which they observed on Circuit Rider's Range -- cdh became the target of their outrage -- if this were played out in a "road rage" incident, cdh would have been run over until he became hamburger on the highway! Oooops! Make that "human-burger!" The ratio is about 25 to 1 -- that is, for every one in the "I hate your guts!" category which is received, there are about 25 positives expressing agreement and offering words of encouragement to continue with the web site ministry of witness, challenge and of course, much controversy!

Unfortunately, I accidentally came upon your website that is an utter waste of bandwith except to your followers, whomever they might be. I suspect they are akin to the Jim Jones followers.

I abhor abortion as you appartently do as well, although I find your way of expressing it useless, worthless and suspect. Trying to compare abortion to war is like comparing death to murder. Trying to compare the deeds of the USA to Saddam's deeds is ludicrous like saying God is bad because he ordered wars and deaths!

The US has done more good, saved more people, made this world better and aided every nation on the face of the earth. We are the most generous people in the world.

I'm conversative. In fact, I'm very conservative. However, it's people like those who would read and believe you and your website that give conservatives. You are no more mainstream that the far left and just as evil! You hurt the conservative cause, hurt the abortion cause. In short, you don't help any conservative or spiritual cause. You are a religion unto your own and that is what Jesus came to preach against. Thank God most people are smart enough to know the true Jesus and what he taught and won't be falsely led by the likes of you and your "followers".

Is the Kool-Aid being served today? I laugh at people like you right before I cry because of the very existence of them.



"By their fruits ye shall know them."

Make no mistake: mouthpieces such as your ilk are not Christ-like when you have to hide your motives, because love does not need to hide.

You are not Christ-like when you condemn others not of your faith, because you have not looked first into your own imperfect heart.

You are not Christ-like when you preach or proclaim anything but the Grace of God, because that is the only path to Christian salvation: anything else that makes you or your group a 'necessary' component is a bald faced lie.

C.S. Lewis had a name for your type...


The watchers watch....

One Tiny Bulldog

lest thou be judged. you are a hatemonger . you are obsessed with hateyou have to be to create this filth. there are no ex-homosexuals...just those who prefer to live a lie to be accepted. thou shalt not kill.


Subject : How in the world. . .

did you get those pictures? I am not impressed. I don't think you're gonna win any new believers with that mess. I was looking for truth in casualty reporting in military conflict, and came to this. I realize that you have Christian doctrine behind you on the abortion principle, but everyone in our country has the freedom to choose their own religious beliefs and morals, and should not be forced to operate within the same perameters you do based on the Constitution of this country. I can't see how you think this sort of thing touches hearts for Christ.


F*** YOU he killed her david westerfield did it and he has no more rights


I think that you have a REAL problem!!
You need to seek out HELP for yourself.


Your website is a horrible abomination and an attack on the human race. You are spreading nothing but hate propaganda and it's horrible. Does God not teach not to hate? You are spreading nothing but hate towards people including myself. I am a strong powerful gay male, and I am beyond happy with my life. In what regard do you find your self acceptable to tell ME how to live MY life? You have no proof of what is to become in the next life, and if I am (which I highly doubt) deemed to spend eternity in hell, how does that affect you at all? If God did not want me to exist, why did he create me and people for me to love, and people to love me? You need to stop preaching at people, as all it's doing is giving you bad energy, and further spreading hate and bad energy. It's not television or same sex marriages that are destroying the earth, it's hate, and hate mongering. I have seen more unhappy opposite sexed homes then I have same sex couples. Same sex couples WANT children, they fight with every once of strength to have them, and they love them all that much more. Opposite sexed coupled have children by accident, and then they shun them, abuse them, and do not provide good care. I'm not saying all families, but many. Many people do not attend churches anymore as they are no longer a sacred place. Look at all the ministers and priests that have molested children, and yet you still want children to attend church? The church is nothing more then a cash pig which wants nothing but peoples money. I prefer to pray and worship in my own way, observing Gods spenders, and taking in each day as a gift from him. I suggest you do the same, enjoy a day, and enjoy the people you inhabit this earth with. And if you can't do that, I feel deeply sorry for you, and I will pray for you to one day appreciate this beautiful planet, and not spread hate like a horrible cancer.


To : c.d.harriger@truepath.net
Subject : u chattin out of ur christian a**!!!!!!! u tamper with ur books!!!!!

u have not got a leg to stand on..........


Iíd like to say that I just read one mean-spirited, offensive and sarcastic Essay by you.

If your purpose was to add to the divisiveness that continues to hurt our church, congratulations.

I look forward to your name-calling at your earliest convenience.


CDH responded to this letter and posed the question as to precisely what it was that Alan read and caused him to write as he did. Here is his response:

Perhaps I didnít make myself clear.

Mocking a Bishop of the United Methodist Church, in the manner that you did, with your dancing devils, was truly offensive.

As you know, what Bishop Galvan said was ďThis decision will not resolve the conflict within The United Methodist Church, nor within the congregations of this Conference. As long as this issue is important to society, the Church must continue to reflect theologically and biblically and lead in ministries of justice and peace.Ē

That sort of thoughtful consideration is appreciated by the vast majority of United Methodistís, I assure you. That you would equate that statement with Anti-God/Pro-Evil is simply amazing.

Has it yet occurred to you that this issue, as well as a host of other issues, may not be the result of an Almighty baiting us to discern His Opinion? Could it be that we are to learn from one another and to become stronger in the tie that binds because we have listened to each other?

Am I to be surprised that you received letters of encouragement from those who share your opinion? Well, no, Iím not surprised. Am I to be surprised that those who do not agree with your opinion dismissed you as a hater? Again, no surprise.

The dialog will continue in our Church, and insightful opinions will be presented and heard with grace and dignity on all sides.

And then there will be people like you, who will create web pages of dancing devils and skeleton hands, insinuations that whoever disagrees with Clayton must be evil, and you will be satisfied with the atta-boys generated by individuals that appreciate your hate and intolerance.

Youíre not changing any minds, youíre practicing divisiveness, and I suspect that youíre frustration continues to grow exponentially, ergo your colorful ulcer illustration.

Disagreeing with someoneís opinion is one thing. To resort to the level that you did was enormously disrespectful, and thatís why I wrote to you. You were addressing a Bishop of the United Methodist Church, and it was not I who clarified your Character, it was you.


P.S. --- May I assume this will not be one of the letters you select for pulication?

Well, CDH responded to the above with questions about the issue of mockery and is it "mockery" when certain bishops of the UMC go on public record and deny certain basics of the Christian faith -- e.g. the supernatural birth of Jesus Christ, His miraculous works, His resurrection, etc. Or as is the case of a bishop -- the flat out denial of the Great Commission handed down to us by Jesus to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature -- the bishop in question has stated that we ought not to disrupt other cultures with the message of Christianity, etc! Alan was challenged to confront these bishops with their brand of "mockery!"

Also posed to Alan was a question -- could he explain the cause of the loss of a few million members in the UMC after the merger of 1968, in light of the fact that the former Methodist Church grew by leaps and bounds in the earlier decades of its history, starting with the Wesleys in the latter part of the 18th Century.

Alan responded, but gave no indication of calling down some bishops for their "mockery" of the Christian faith in a denomination, which historically has held all facts revealed about Jesus Christ in Scripture to be absolutely true. Nor did he offer an explanation as to the embarrassing decline of the membership of the United Methodist Church year after year since the merger of 1968!

Now you can proceed to read some letters from those people who, according to Alan, feed CDH's ego, who share in his mean-spirited attitude, who are divisive and intolerant as he, and who urge him on with their "atta-boy" praises -- you know, sort of like a boy saying to his dog as they spot a cat -- "Sic 'em, Rover!"

"Thanks and Keep It Up!" Category

Hi C.D.

I am an elder serving in the xxxxx Conference U.M.C. Glad a friend directed me to your site. The colors are little hard on my eyes but I am glad to be able to read a voice of sound doctrine. One voice, standing for righteousness can make a difference, so you keep plugging away until Jesus comes or he calls you home. Have a happy New Year!

Yours In Christ OUR LORD,


Elder in the xxxxx Conference
Serving xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx United Methodist Churches

Dear Clayton:

Well, I think that if one looks at the words of Jesus, it becomes quite clear how He felt about greed.

Be happy about your website. Spread the truth. And if someone doesn't like it, it might mean that you've hit a HUGE NERVE.

Not everyone may agree with 100% of anyone else's ideas, but you know, truth like what you're telling is just not being heard today, and it needs to be told.

Take care.


Subject: from Spain

Dear pastor:

Very, very good articles at your web.

God bless you,


Hi, just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your site! There's so much information to be seen there, it will be take going back over and over to see it all. But I do plan on becoming a regular visitor as I am a conservative fellow Christian and am very concerned with the issues you bring up on your site. Thanks for such an informative website to be able to get all this info from one site!

I thought I'd send this link to you to see and who knows, you might even want to put it on your site. You may have already seen this movie/website I'm sending you, but just incase you haven't, this is a wonderful movie of 911. It will take a few minutes to download (10 or so minutes), but well worth the wait. Make sure your speakers are up too. It's about 20 minutes long.


What a refreshing breath of honesty your site is. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. I will visit many more times on purpose


Dear Clayton,

Thanks, I think. If this is what an abundance of theological education does for someone, I think I will pass. :) I have a hard time dealing with this kind of thinking. My questions are always, "Who let them loose?" and "How did they get through the process?" and "Why isn't somebody monitoring what goes on and putting an end to it?" The answers I've received range from satan, for who let them loose and the biblical account of sheep and goats. As far as getting through the process, I know that people tell what they think the board wants to hear. In my book, this is lying. Then again, satan who let them loose, is the father of lies. As for monitoring what goes on, that happens, but the powers that be refuse to take a stand. It really upsets me! One of the prayers I have asked my PPR committee to pray for me is that I will be able to remain faithful to the true faith.

As far as the website, People need to see the graphic truth to fully understand the situation. It is too easy to go along with the flow if you are not fully informed. More people need to be upset by these images. I had a woman ask me about partial birth abortion while I was doing a home visit. When I told her what it was she was appalled and said that she had no idea that this is what was being done. As a nurse, I can't understand how any health care professional can advocate murdering unborn children. I guess it is just another example of the blindness satan inflicts. Thank you for taking a stand! It is a pleasure to know you. Most days it seems that us right wing conservative, Bible believing Christians are very much in the minority, but that's the way it has always been, isn't it?

Keep up the good work!



My name is Larry x. I would like to express a real gratitude for any part you played in the creation of such a beautiful website with such a powerful message.

I agree entirely with its content... I believe it is time to take our country back! I have been discovering many websites created with this theme in mind.

Again I was very moved with the website at the address sent to me www.crrange.com/wall99.html

God bless you my friend, and God bless America,

Larry x

Keep up the good work :)

Rev. K.B. Seager


You have done it again - or should I say outdone yourself with this commentary. May I have permission to include this in my weekly xx xx News. I will give you the credit for the commentary. Very astute observations and facts. I appreciate all the research you put into this. It's what I want to do but just run out of steam and time to do.

Could I make you part of my research staff. The pay is wonderful - double what I get. That and $.50 may get you a cup of coffee. But I don't want to get you in trouble with any of the WPA Conference staff, so it's your call.


Mr. Harriger, I've reviewed your pages and Would like to applaud you for taking a strong stance on several issues important to me. Please continue your work promoting just causes. I liked your pages so much I had to link to them from my homepage. Fight ON! Sincerely, -Burning Black Triangle ===== Visit The Burning Black Triangle Home!!!

Great Site! Will come back often. Thank you so much for all of your work. We only have a few scriptures on our website, not because we do not believe... But because we have noted that the "American Public" have become a "Shock Culture", and we know of no other way to get the information out. We tried the traditional values style, with another web name, but were attacked unmercifully by homosexual activists. Again GREAT SITE, THANK YOU. We will link to your site, unless you email us.

GOD Bless
Dave and Denise

You site is well done. It is so very sad but so very necessary.
If this was real stationary, it would have tears on it.

Thank you.


I want to know how Gene Robinson interprets the following verse:

Leviticus 18:22 "Do not practice homosexuality, it is a detestable sin."

I am enraged by the acceptance of our governments in San Francisco and now Portland to legitimize gay marriages. I am shocked & stunned that the Episcopal Church has now accepted defiant sinners in leadership. What is next, murderers, adulterers, and liars to be made bishops? We have ignored God & we will be severely punished because of it. Where are the prophets to stand up & declare God's wrath if we do not turn from our wicked ways?

What can I do as a God fearing Christian to stop this moral corruption?

Ready for Action.


A number of emails have come in response to the issue of abortion -- there is a lot of material on the subject on the Range including graphic photos and counters which keep a running tally of the number of unborn victims. Sometimes they count from different dates -- an interesting tally is the one which tells us how many unborn children have been brutally mutilated and murdered in the United States since we launched a pre-emptive strike to liberate Iraq from the brutality of Saddam Hussein in March of 2003! You can see it at home area of Circuit Rider's Range or the Building Walls area -- use your browser return feature to come back here. The counter below gives the total number of victims of the United States' unique version of "holocaust" since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of January 1973!

Unborn Babies Brutally Murdered
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

I really appreciate (and enjoy) your site. I got here by trying to research some history on my grandfather, Rev. x. x. x., who was a circuit-riding Methodist minister in East Texas. Can you tell me if there is any information on the old circuit rider preachers?

Regarding the pro-life site.

What a tremendous task it must have been to put all this together in such a knowledgeable manner. And considering the absolute gore of the subject manner, you are to be applauded for the tasteful way you have it presented...if there can be any "taste" in presenting such an abominable topic. I am not an artist...by hand or by computer...but I have always wanted to put together a bumper sticker showing a smoking gun over a body next to an aborted baby (that was such that it could be displayed in public). The text would read.


And that is what it boils down to, to me. If abortion is legal because it should be our choice only to do right or wrong, what is the difference in the recent pair who held some many in the grip of fear because they CHOSE to use people for target practice?....INNCOCENT people, I point out that seemed to be the thing that most everyone who commented made reference to.

I sell the Precious Feet pins at 'cost only' from my little booth at a local flea market (I wish I were making enough profit to just give them out by the tons---SOMEDAY, THOUGH). If someone is really interested and doesn't have the funds, though, I just give them one. I am amazed at how many don't realize what they are holding in their hands until you point it out to them. I pray that every pin that walks away will not be set aside, but will testify 100 times over. It sickens me that we are in a runoff election here in Louisiana with a woman who--to contradict the comments of her opponent (who is Pro-Life), brags about being "against late term abortion." That is the only honest comment she can make. How many good hearted souls around here will hear that, though, and translate it in their minds to indicate she is Pro-Life? But she isn't, it is only the late term abortions she is against. I try to tell everyone I meet the truth about her car-salesman/half truth tactics. Pro-Lifers can make open, honest statements about their beliefs; Pro-Choice/Abortionists must pussyfoot around and camouflage the truth about theirs. Please join me in prayer that we will not send the wrong person to Washington.

Thank you for having such an honest, God-honoring site, I am so glad I found it. I will be back regularly and will tell everyone I know about it.


Dear Brother Harriger:

Your website is a total, godly delight! I'm so glad that I chanced to find it (there are no coincidences) through links from prolife sites...

As a former UMC circuit rider, who resigned when the denomination became pro-choice (1970), I have no trouble imagining why you are still UMC-connected but are serving a gipsy congregation in another denomination (my atlas has snubbed gipsy, providing no trace of its existence). No doubt you have tried John Wesley's cure for the common cold (ride your horse resolutely into a thunderstorm, with your mouth open).

I'll add a brief self-introduction, and a couple of requests:

We are committed pro-lifers, and have recently moved from California to Eastern Indiana.

Perhaps you would you be so kind as to help us in three ways:

1. Introduce us to prolife individuals and groups in our area.

2. Inform us of prolife and church-renewal events in Indiana - Ohio

3. Update us on regional and national events wherever they might be held.

Thank you.

If your circuit expands to the west, or if the world is your parish, please stop by and we'll get acquainted.

Keep on stirring the pot...

Yours, and His, for Life,
Bro. Roger x

Dear Clayton,

I had more time to look over your web site and I must say that you are truly doing MUCH more then 'contending' Sir. You are doing a wonderful thing in standing up for the unborn child. Your site is even better then I thought, and I am not all the way through it yet. (I'm a full time Realtor) I especially like the 'what can I do section.' We really need more people to stand up and scream how wrong abortion is. In addition to the things you mentioned, they can also volunteer at pregnancy crisis centers, volunteer or start thrift stores to help women that are pregnant and considering abortion because of finances, and joining a group that attends fair and such is also a wonderful thing. Anywhere we can make people know that it is much more then just a blob -- that a real human life is being Killed.

I have to say that I really admire the fact that you stood up against abortion -- so many won't in fear of loosing the church. When I approached my Minster he said that I needed to put that time into getting people to the Lord. That is hard to argue with -- it's very true that I need to do that -- but God has told me that this IS my battle. I feel that I can do both, as you are. Not is as big of a way as you -- but in my own way. I do contact the officials, and hope to be volunteering soon at Kimberly house. It is a place here in the Clearwater, FL area that helps women with baby items and information to prevent them from 'choosing' abortion.

I will be happy to tell all that I know about your site. It was posted by someone on an abortion message board that I'm a regular on. (Have to be an AOL member, but most have the same type of message board. I know Yahoo does.) I have been posting there for over a year -- as have many many pro -- abortioners. I know of at least two times that someone thinking of having an abortion came on to post -- and I pray that we helped them to choose life. We never know how many are reading -- that God doesn't lead there for His answer. I know that God has and will continue to lead many to your site. It is really a blessing.

Thank you again for a great site. I'm going to see if it mentions who set it up for you -- in case someday I can afford to do one. LOL

God Bless you and help you to continue your fight.

Mr. Harriger,

I recently stumbled across your website regarding abortion and I cannot even express to you how difficult it was to look at those pictures of innocent babies being aborted and then tossed aside like garbage. It made me cry to think of how we are letting this kind of cruelty take place in our own country. I have always been against abortion, mainly because of my religious beliefs, but I never really took the time to dwell on what was going on and how many babies were killed each and every day. I have heard in the news about how President Bush has been trying to ban "partial birth abortions", but I never really knew exactly what a partial birth abortion consisted of until you described it on your website. It made me angry to think that a "doctor" would perform something as inhumane as this. I do not understand how anyone can justify doing this to another human being.

What makes me even more angry is the fact that the news media will show pictures of Iraqi prisoners being humiliated and "abused" every hour on the hour and will never show pictures like you have shown on your website. Also, I believe that if young women were to see these pictures BEFORE having an abortion, then it might change their minds. Of course, this will never happen because the doctors, as you say, are only in it for the money. The only comfort I get is knowing that these innocent babies are now in God's care and these evil doctors who perform such acts, the politicians and people who support them will someday have to answer to God for what they have done. We, who stand back and allow this to happen, will also have to answer for not stopping these immoral acts.

I don't want to be one of these people, I want to know what I can do to help in making abortions illegal. I will tell you that I am not speaking in monetary terms, but in actual physical terms. What can I do to stop this? I will write letters to my congressmen, doctors, or whomever I need to bring this to the public attention. What is going on here is just wrong. Please let me know what I can do to help. Thank you.


CDH responds to all emails received -- even the nasty ones receive a courteous reply -- yes, even the ones which contain words that cannot be repeated here. In the case of those who express outrage and resentment, accusing CDH of being a hatemonger, divisive, unloving, and all of those kinds of things, the final challenge to them is a reminder that none of us will have the final word on these issues -- that remains with our Lord Jesus Christ alone Who will render the final verdict on everything which has involved human activity -- then all of us will know beyond question who has been right and who has been wrong -- and that is a verdict with which we will live throughout the eons of eternity!

July 20, 2004
Clayton D. Harriger
Elder in Full Connection
Western PA Annual Conference
The United Methodist Church
and presently pastor of
Gipsy Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Gipsy, PA

For further reference on church, moral, social, and political issues see:
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